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  1. Scripting System
  2. Designing an engine from genre analysis
  3. IsoEngine SDK
  4. Simple Profiling
  5. IDE
  6. Newton physics and faces...
  7. Starcraft
  8. Help structuring Entity System
  9. Designing Levels/Missions
  10. Rag-Doll Physics
  11. 3D Engine List
  12. Quake2Modeller by Jaimi - your opinion on its interface
  13. Text Replace
  14. Instant Object
  15. Handling huge amounts of data
  16. Event rain
  17. 2D pixel perfect collision on rotating sprites
  18. save the result of a query on a text file
  19. Automatic document creation (like Doxygen)
  20. questions about a map editor
  21. 3DS Max plugins
  22. Free tool to export to .max - Solved
  23. Simple copy protection system.
  24. My application has been cracked :|
  25. DiffMerge or similar for Pascal/Delphi syntax?
  26. Sprite equipment and evolvement
  27. cpp classes and delphi classes in dll's
  28. free 2d and 3d software :)
  29. virtual pc with opengl
  30. coco/r for delphi
  31. Distributing Program with its own File Structure in MacOS Application Bundle
  32. An editor that does editable lines with snap to grid + export to text/xml?
  33. How would you advice setting up an Dev Enviroment?
  34. Buffer Memory Management
  35. (re)Defining library API
  36. XML Parsers
  37. a candy for you - flow map creation tool
  38. Digital Distribution System