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  • Delphi compiler for Linux

    According to Marco Tech Blog (blog.marcocantu.com) Embarcadero are soon to be releasing a 64-bit compiler for the Linux platform. This could be great news for cross platform game developers as it means we will have two compiler targets (Both FPC and the Delphi compiler) for the top five popular open access platforms (Linux, Windows, OSX, IOS and Android).

    According to Marco and following suit with Embarcadero's latest iterations of their compiler on other platforms, the Linux version will be an LLVM based compiler meaning it automatically takes advantage of the extensive optimisations that LLVM compilers share (source is compiled into intermediate LLVM byte code where it is then optimised in a language agnostic way before it is finally compiled into native binaries for a given platform)

    In effect this sees the Delphi compiler leveraging the vast investments made by Apple and an army of open source developers to produce fast, optimised binaries. I think it's safe to say that many of us in the community will be very interested in experimenting with the new compiler to see how it compares to the latest version of FPC in terms of performance critical, game related code.

    Head over to Marco's blog for an informative look at other aspects of the project including a recent look at web server and database development as well as RTL features pertaining to the Linux platform.

    Some more musings on Delphi for Linux can be found on Deltics Blog (http://www.deltics.co.nz/blog/posts/2531)