Hey everyone! Knowing the community that's here and of course that Christmas has just come and gone; What games/systems did you get and what are you currently playing?

I didn't get any new systems this year, though I was considering the cool exceptionally cool Nintendo 3DS which I got to try at my wife's store last weekend before Christmas. They were demoing Mario Kart 7 on one of the systems that head office got them to hand to people in the store to try.

The thing that impressed me the most was how nice the 3D actually looked without glasses. Tilt the screen too far to the left or right from centre of the field of view and you'd get a double image though. Overall it was still impressive and I think that Nintendo really has something going here. Not sure if it would translate well enough to 3D TVs, but it's worth it for a handheld.

I also got to play with the 3D camera and took a few pictures of the inside of the store with it. The built in tool lets to virtually move your head around a bit and see what it would be like to get that 3D motion effect.

Another cool feature was the depth of 3D and the fact that if it hurts your head, you can just turn it off with a slider switch, mid-game action even.

If only there were more titles for it other than Nintendo brand games I'd be more interested.

However I didn't get one of those so here is what I am actually playing...
  • Spider-Man Edge of Time (long-time Spidey fan)
  • Sonic Generations (Love the old-school game-play)
  • and the 1st Ratchet & Clank (fun game, everything is so life-like!)

Between Christmas (thank you wifey!) and Boxing Day, I got at least 25+ new games to play for my PS3.

Something I got for her that we are both enjoying is the new Skylanders game. lol I know I know big-time marketing scheme. But it is a fun game even if a lot of the game-play focuses on collecting abilities of all these cute little figures to play in the game. As a hard core geek however, the cost of the statues is well worth the detail and attractiveness of the figures themselves so it's not such a bad thing really.

BTW does anyone know where I can find any of those Dragon Quest figures at a decent price? (other than ebay)

Other games that I got, and can remember include:
  • LA Noir
  • X-Men Destiny
  • Ratchet & Clank 2 & 3
  • Batman Arkham City
  • Rayman Origins
  • Resistance 1-3
  • LEGO Star Wars 3
  • LEGO Indiana Jones 2
  • Prince of Persia Classic Collection
  • God of War: Origins Collection

That's my Christmas, how is yours?