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Thread: [SDL unit] alx2cnsl

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    [SDL unit] alx2cnsl

    alx2cnsl is the console unit I wrote for one of my current projects, Alexland 2. Originally it was embedded into the game, but I thought that maybe someone would find it useful and decided to make it into a game-independent unit. That, and with added some extra customization options, I now release it for common use.

    The unit provides a main class, TConsole, that can be used in programs using SDL and SDL_TTF for providing a console or chat interface. The class will process text, render it and draw when requested; also provides some limited capabilities for reading text from SDL events.

    There is still much to do to in terms of customization, but the thing clearly is usable as it is now.


    Above screenshot uses RENDER_BLEND5 render mode, with active BackBoxes.

    Download: here

    Zip contains the source code and documentation in HTML format.

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    Great contribution, might get quite useful on one or another occasion. I also like the render mode BLEND5 .

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    Handy idea for a unit! I'd love to see more stuff like this.
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