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Thread: How to use SFML with Free Pascal?

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    Question How to use SFML with Free Pascal?

    Hi, I'm pretty new to programminig so I'm not too sure how I would achieve this. I'd like to use SFML, which is a modern alternative to SDL 1.2 ( ) with Free Pascal as my main programing language. SFML is written in C++ and has a C binding.

    Would I have to make a Pascal binding for SFML? Could I do the front end in C++ and the backend in Pascal?

    I really don't know how to get started with this.

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    That's not a trivial task although I would like to see a Free Pascal binding for SFML. For a first start I would recommend the document "How to use C code in Free Pascal projects" which can be found here:
    This could be interesting, too:
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    These links could be useful too:
    Usinc C Objects in Delphi

    Using C++ Object in Delphi


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    A long time ago I started some bindings with SFML 1.5. I never got very far, I just did some basic window and system modules. If you want to start with some new bindings, you should use the C bindings. It's much easier to work with and doesn't involve for you to write some C/C++ code.
    But I don't think it's a good idea to start make some bindings right now as the release of SFML 2.0 is just a matter of days/weeks/months.
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    Well translating header files from C to Pascal is nothing new ans you can tell from the amount of documentation. Starting on a completely new translation will mean it will take some time before you can actually start to see it's use. This also means if you start such a project, you may be tied to it for a while. Consider that before you start such a project.

    It would also help to gather some collaborators to help with the translation, depending on the complexity of the libraries you are supporting.

    SFML is new to me so I'll have to check it out myself, though I still find SDL to be quite handy for learning the basics of game programming. What advantages over SDL does SFML bring to the table?
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    Any news about the bindings? The SFML page reports:
    SFML 2.0 RC is out
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