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Thread: 2nd PGD Challenge - "Platformation"

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    Quote Originally Posted by WILL View Post
    Very cool Paul! You were always pretty good with the vector style graphics.
    Thanks Jason! Very kind

    Quote Originally Posted by WILL View Post
    Well you could create "chunks" that could be automatically matched up and then randomly placed upon loading of the level as an idea. That would "split the middle" for keeping a procedurally based level generator. Never seen it done for a platformer though. Would be a neat idea if you could pull it off.
    Interesting idea, I will see what i can come up with...thanks!

    BTW, after a couple of days I have FINALLY gotten my character jumping physics working now so I can run along the ground or jump up into the air with collisions against the tiles in the world (all static ATM)...yay!
    I would love to have a little vector guy to be running around but I don't think I have time to do this so I have a much simpler character right now - a moving circle with eye + spikes (whirling around its body) that will be able to be fired at enemies

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    Neat! As well as the jumping and collision detetion working properly now, my little character can now zoom up verticall walls as easily as rolling along walls below him! Woo Hoo!
    Once a video has uploaded I will post it here

    Now I have to pull my finger out and get some enemies into the game, and get the journeying going too! haha

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    Control question for you guys: currently you can move the character around using cursor keys (left, up, down) and keys (a, w, d).
    I am now thinking of how I can do the aim + firing...

    Do you think it would be too hard to move around with the keyboard and use the mouse to target and fire at enemies?

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    Sounds like every fps out there for pc... WASD to move, mouse to aim and shoot so no... not too hard
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    Can the character climb walls?
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    Yeah, it does look like it can climb walls, or at least cling to them for a time.
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    Yeah, he can climb vertical walls if right next to them and you push up

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    Damn it! I am rappidly running out of time, and still don't have any levels, journeying, or enemies added (and almost 1/3 of the time gone before I could start) has taken a toll

    Not sure if I will make the deadline...I will have to see!!

    PS. on the other hand, I did receive a shiny new 32GB (WiFI+4G) iPad (iPad 3 or Next iPad) for my birthday!!

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    Well, I have now gotten 1 enemy in the game - zap globes. These charge up when you are in range (touching red circle...shows dotted line), and then fires at you for a short time causing damage. They then have a short cooldown period before they can charge back up again if you are still in range. Moving out of range resets the charging/firing phases back to scanning.
    I am hoping to get in homing missiles before the time is out...

    I do have one level in the game where you collect coins and try to make it to the exit (no exit yet though...), and will have the minimum of 3 (at least) levels (locations) before the time runs out, and will also have a menu to pick different levels.

    No sound as yet, might just have time to get some openal sound in there if all goes well

    You can fire missiles (left click...shoots at crosshairs) and grenades (right click...shoots at crosshairs, affected by gravity, and they bounce around).

    Explosions cause damage when hitting zap globes or the player

    2 days to go!! Tick...tick...tick....

    EDIT: pity I couldn't start till around 13 April...this is NOT going to be my best work, but nevermind
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