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Thread: Projekt Weltherrscher - "Phase 2"

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    Projekt Weltherrscher - "Phase 2"

    It's been in the makings for over five years now, and I've been working on it almost every day since the release of "Phase 2" and spent most of my weekends writing code, creating models, textures, users interfaces and all the stuff that needs to be done for a game. But after all these years, I can finally release a first beta of "Phase 2" of Projekt Weltherrscher to the public!

    First planned as an addon for "Phase 1" (you can read up on it over here at PGD), "Phase 2" offers so many new features, functions and content that it should be seen as a whole new game, finally implementing (most) of the features I initially planned for this game.

    Some of the new features :
    • Turn-based hexagonal battle fields
      Just think of "Panzer General". You can now battle out attacks on regions by yourself on a 3D battlefield, with different visuals for different regions, fully modelled units with skins for each of the nations. This adds a lot of depth to the game, especially when going head-to-head against a human player
    • Global projects
      The beta includes the first batch of global projects. These are powerful projects that take lots of resources to develop, but on the other hand can turn around a game. There are aggressive projects likes nukes and pandemics, as well as passive projects like espionage sattelites.
    • Redone user interface
      The complete user interface has been redone, and after a dozen or so rewrites it's now where I wanted it to be.
    • Enhanced espionage and sabotage
      A lot of work has went into expanding this feature. It was a gimmick in "Phase 1", but now it's almost a game in a game by itself. You can fake data by puttin agents into your own regions, infiltrate enemy regions and wreak havok there and even infiltrate hostile data nets to get important information on your adversaries.
    • New military units
      In addition to separate skins for all units for each nation, there are also new units that are unlocked by researching the approriate technologies. Including hover tanks, rocket launchers, stealth bombers and more.
    • New technologies
      The technology tree was also expanded with new technologies. And once you've researched all technologies, endless research will be unlocked.
    • And many many more
      Including balancing, new features, minor tweaks, gameplay additions, etc.

    The game itself is a turn-based strategy game placed in the not-so-distant hostile future, with only five huge nations left that fight for world domination 'till the end. You can choose which of these nations you want to play with, and either play against the AI or against human (mixed with AI if wanted) players in hotseat mode. Describing all it's features would be too much text to write, but basically it's risk, mixed with Civilization, Panzer General and my own take on the turn-based strategy game. You manage your regions (construct buildings), your armies (construct units, manage divisions), conquer enemy regions (with fully 3D-turn based battles), research new technologies, unleash mighty global projects unto your enemies, manage your stuff and do all the other strategic things that are needed to succeed in conquering the world.

    The game was initially started with Delphi 7, moved over to Turbo Delphi (don't mention it, it was horrible) and is now developed with XE2 (which is much better, though still has it's large share of problems). It uses OpenGL for 3D graphics (the current beta needs at least OpenGL 2.0 with shader, framebufferobject and S3TC-support) and also uses some shaders for it's nice visuals. The linux port was made with Lazarus and FPC (though I could actually use that combo for the windows version too).

    And with the exception of the music (thanks to YD and Kevin MacLeod for this!) I did everything for "Phase 2" by myself. Not only the coding (currently over 120.000 lines of code, though that doesn't include tens of thousands of lines that were deleted over the years), but also the user interface (for which I wrote my own OpenGL-GUI library, including a WYSIWYG-editor with XML-Import/Export), all the graphics and 3D models, all of the game's content and everything else necessary to finish a game. And yes, that was a lot of work, my development directory for the game (excluding SVN) now stands at roughly 1,2 GBytes with over 3,000 files (art, drafts, documents, data, source).

    If you've never played "Phase 1" or aren't keen with turn-based strategy, it's always a good idea to take a look at the included HTML manual. It's got information on all the features of the game, and an interactive tutorial (like for "Phase 1") will also be added for a final release.

    So getting this beta out to the public is a huge step (and believe me, a great relief too) for me and I hope you guys over here at PGD enjoy this first version of the game.

    Important information
    But please note that this is STILL A BETA! It's still lacking some functionality (e.g. the politics part of the game), content needs to be added and there are bugs left in the game. But at the current state it's playable and showcases a lot of the features that have been implemented since "Phase 1".

    Also note that the game is FREEWARE! You should never be asked to pay anything for it!

    And also please DON'T DISTRIBUTE THE GAME (yet). It's still a beta and I don't want it to spread around the net. Though that'll change with the final release.


    Important note for linux users : Please run the "" script inlcuded in the download instead of the application itself. The game uses (BASS sound API) which needs to be located by linux, so if you don't have this installed and run directly the game may not launch. That's why I created the start script to change the ld_path.[/list]

    If you don't want to start from scratch and just want to test out the features you can download the savegame pack for rev. #107 with premade savegames. Extract them into the game's save directory under your local user's dir, e.g. x:\Users\USER\Documents\ProjektW_Phase2\saves.

    And last but not least some impressions from the current beta (thumbnails, click to enlarge) :

    Video of the current open beta (June 2013) :

    Projekt W is present on the following platforms :

    I hope you enjoy "Phase 2"! And since a freeware game won't get me any money, feedback is very welcome
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    nice to hear and congratulations

    will have a look later today

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    wow , a big project by one developper ! ? really great work

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    Wow Sascha, that looks very very professional and slick...I will have to try it
    Congrats on this release, you have done an awesome amount of work on it over the years...


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    Absolutely awesome! your hard work and dedication over the past 5 years is most certainly worthy of a decent playtest I happen to love turn based strategy so downloading now
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    This is awesome. Played a bit, not really fan of such games but it's well done in my opinion. I ran it on a i3 2310M, 4GB DDR3 and a Intel HD3000 on Windows 7 x64, and works without a hitch.
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    Just according to the screenshots, this looks awesome! I definitely have to test it although I am not the turn based strategy guy.
    Best regards,

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    Wow what a hellish of work you've made!

    Great job!

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    I have released a new version (revision 121), grab it here. I dub this the "AI release" as it mostly contains enhacements for the AI. Prior to this release it was still mostly at the same state as for the "Phase 1" release, so I added a lot of functionality to the enemy AI and also made it a bit smarter. The AI will now do most of the stuff that players can do in "Phase 2", including upgrading buildings, researching infinite technologies, doing espionage and sabotage and so on.

    I also changed the construction AI (see this blog posting for more information), so the AI will now be much more competitive than before, populating regions in a better way than before that'll get upgraded over time. It also demolishes buildings that aren't needed aynmore, making space for better once. Also the AI is now less prone to loosing reagions due to high pollution or low loyalty.

    Here is the complete changelog for this revision :
    Revision #121
       - (Regions) Added missing connections from Japan to neirhbouring countries
       - (Regions) Added missing connection from Korean Kuril to United korea
       - (Regions) Added missing connection from State Alliance to Texas
       - (Regions) Added missing connection from New Texas to Texas
       - (Regions) Removed connection from Oldquebec to New Nunavut (no shared border)
       - (Regions) Removed wrong connection from Egypt to Algeria (no shared border)
       - (Regions) Wrong regional loyality display and calculations fixed
       - (Espionage) Captured agents during hostile region infiltration are now removed (as noted in the message box)
       - (Savegame) Creating a new savegame now uses the correct file extension
     User interface
       - (Regions) Changed building selection (again). Dropdown for building category now only jumpts to selected category
                   instead of only displaying buildings from selected category
       - (Transfermarket) Several optical and usability changes
       - (Misc) Changed scrollbar appearance for listboxes (no more overlapping, better scrolling visualization)
       - (Misc) Fixed partially wrong button click areas
       - (Buildings) Lowered resource penalty for "Orbital sun sails", giving it an advantage over a nuclear power plant
       - (Construction) No longer constructs normal buildings on coastal spots
       - (Construction) No longer populates locked coastal spots (regions without coasts)
       - (Construction) Added more randomization to the construction AI (placement, building selection)
       - (Construction) Now constructs new coastal buildings when coastal spots are available
       - (Construction) Now demolishes buildings not needed anymore and regains funds (like human players)
       - (Construction) Added upgrade paths for buildings, so AI will now upgrade existing buildings to better versions
       - (Espionage) Now also hires and manages agents
       - (Espionage) Assigns hired agents to the different infiltration targets (own region, hostile region, data net)
       - (Espionage) Agents infiltrated into own regions fake either division or structure data
       - (Espionage) Agents transition from one data net level to the next one
       - (Epsionage) Agents execute data net espionage and sabotage actions
       - (Military) No longer attacks with one-unit only divisions

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    New release - Revision #125

    With 2012 ending soon I decided to release a new version of the "Phase 2" beta. You can grab it grab it here (Revision #125).

    Contrary to the last release this one doesn't include bugfixes but adds a new feature and new content :

    • Detached manual battles
      As the manual battles in Projekt "W" could almost be made into a separate game I decided to add a new entry to the game's main menu that allows you to setup a manual battle and play it without having t play a "real" game". So from both the single- and multiplayer menu it's now possible to start manual battles detached from the main game. A new dialogue will show up that allows you to customize all of the battle's aspect. Starting from the setting, to the nations involved and also including complete control over how many and what units will participate in the battle
    • New maps
      I also added half a dozen new maps for the manual battles that'll get selected at random. The last release only included 6 maps, so the number of possible maps for the manual battles is now doubled.

    Screenshots :

    I hope you enjoy the new features and have a happy new year

    Edit : I noticed that the last video of PjW was from November 2011, so I decided to cut together a new video showcasing the most recent version. You can watch it here :

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