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Thread: So whatever happened to the whole PGDCE thing?

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    I have 15 years programming experience with Pascal/Object Pascal (Delphi and FPC), and never seen nothing that cannot do with this language. I made games, multimedia apps, console apps and database apps.

    I think pascal needs more community support, new developers don't know the power of Pascal and the power of <T>, but I saw a little improvement since 2016 at tiobe chart.

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    I will keep making my engine, not game (chances of success 5%), then will make a proof-of-concept game using assets lifted from OA, then will try making tools (another 15% success chance), then will try making a real game (chances of success 5% again). And only then I will look what could be shared / ported back to community.
    I haven't even created a thread in "your projects" yet, it's that hopeless.

    I admit I tend to create fixes for severe flaws in FPC RTL... Then not share them back because my fixes are too specialized
    Like that one that allows you reach Platinum level of Wine compatibility using fpc 2.6.4 for Win32 Without it you get random crashes on file operations because some crap algorithm seeped into the RTL in the times of Windows 95 and never got fixed in that version (does not free file handles that are less than 5). But why where there's 3.0.2 coming Or the system that solves exception handling in a DLL - but it's too too integrated into my engine and requires the DLL to have a special callback entry point for re-raising Pascal exceptions

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