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Thread: Style guide: all links have rotten away

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    Thumbs down Style guide: all links have rotten away

    In this sticky thread:
    all links to proposed guides are dead.

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    Here's an interesting suggestion...

    Instead of simply reporting it to the staff and expecting us to fix it, you could engage the community mindset and make a post in the thread which says something along the lines of:-

    "Unfortunately all the style guides that were linked have long since disappeared, but here's a few links to others that I've managed to find........"

    Possibly even find the Embarcadero one that will undoubtedly exist and be considered a replacement for the Borland one.
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    I simply find the topic itself of dubious use. So I am not inclined to do any research on it.
    But there could be someone around who thinks otherwise, so I still reported it, just in case.
    To be honest I am beginning to forget what "embarcadero" is, I'm a FPC-only man. But as fpc documentation is much less developed, so are the chances of me finding a useful link

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    Taking and not Giving is a bad policy for anyone in any kind of community. The community can only grow if members contribute. Your lack of community spirit disturbs me...

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