It is getting late, but now I think I can get far enough to believe that I will finish so this can be an entry in the challenge, and I am far enough for an early screen shot too. My game project is called "2-bit Racer", and the idea is simple: Make a racing game controlled by only 2 buttons. That is hardly a stroke of genius, but rather a simple idea along the lines of the challenge.

Here is a screen shot of the latest test version:

As you can see, the terrain is fairly nice, multitextured, and the car drives on it almost reasonably. The car texture is a placeholder. The 2-button control works fairly well. A skybox is in place. Engine sound works too, pitched according to speed.

I use no public game engine, only my own routines on top of OpenGL and OpenAL, some parts from my 2D engine, some parts of my incomplete 3D engine. The car model and the skybox are the only material from others (both from sites with free resources on the web). Uses FPC and Lightweight IDE on a MacBook with OSX.

Left to do: A lot.

- Improved physics. It is incomplete now.
- Collision detection! This is the biggest problem. I will have to make a simple solution for it.
- Put more objects into the game.
- Work on textures and tracks.
- Start/goal and checkpoints.
- Opponent cars with AI.
- Optimize for speed using VBOs etc.

Can I do that in the little time left? Well, I hope I can make some kind of decent playable demo/alpha of it before the challenge ends.