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    PGDmC: Knight Fever

    Hey, this is my first post to this website but I thought I'd register my interest in this contest here just so you guys know I exist

    I'm Chris Winward, a 17 year old student (doing Pascal at school, an older version of one of my games was actually featured here in this article) and I've been working on a mini arcade game called Knight Fever for this competition.

    Moderately not-so-long story short, you're a knight, and your world has been overrun by monsters and whatnot. Naturally, you answer the valiant call of the brave, and take it upon yourself to find the biggest freakin sword you can, and lop the heads off of your otherworldly adversaries. As well as head-lopping abilities, it also grants you the power to stomp on your enemies' heads from above, and shoot walls of fire from your fingertips.

    The graphics are still in their early form (ie I scrawled away in photoshop for as little time as possible for each sprite), I have a team-member working on graphics and another has written some music for the game, so the presentation quality should be at a good standard a little further down the line.

    It's written in my own engine, utilising SDL as a springboard to access OpenGL functions to draw it all, as well as SDL for all the music and key input. I'll release the source code along with the game if anybody wants to poke through it, but I'm sure the rest of you more experienced programmers won't find much new in there.

    I haven't had anywhere near as much time as I'd have liked to have had to make this game so far (there's a lot of projects and work currently at school weighing me down) but I'm happy with what I have so far.

    Thanks for the opportunity for the contest, and I'll be sure to update you as I go along

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    Hello Chris, welcome to the PGD forums!

    What a great first post. Your game looks like it'll be pretty fun to play. I look forward to trying it out when judging begins. Feel free to post away. I've set you as a non-moderated member so your posts should show up instantly now.

    Starting out can seem a little daunting at first, but there are plenty of resources on the site and out there on the net. Just stick with it and you'll eventually be able to count yourself among the ranks of the veteran Pascal game developers.

    Love the programmer's art btw!
    Jason McMillen
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    Lovin the game title and the screenshot. Good luck in the competition!
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    Hi Chris! Welcome to PGD, hope you enjoy your stay

    The game is looking mighty fine, and I am looking forward to playing it...good luck!

    Just stick at it and you will get better and better before you know it


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    Thanks for the kind comments so far, guys
    Once I've got the collision system properly working I'll throw up a copy of it so far to Dropbox for you guys to try out if you want, although other than art and adding menus I wouldn't expect it to change dramatically over the next week.

    Looking forwards to everyone else's entries too

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    There is an ftp for this... But I must myself admit to using the dropbox method all too often

    Anyway, looking great so far, I'm doing an architectural re-write so I look forward to trying this one out, or at least seeing more of it ovver the last 8 days of the compo
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