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  1. Can't install new components
  2. destroy and data erasing
  3. snapping sprite to tilemap
  4. Delphi or FreePascal?
  5. Threads..
  6. unit to detect if your Windows program is running in Wine
  7. Exception mayhem. Beware of DLLs.
  8. Problems when using Callbacks
  9. Converting DirectX 9 Errorcode to string
  10. Binary comparison of records?
  11. Pokemon
  12. Pascal OOP Tutorials
  13. Naming - Creating objects.
  14. copying values between objects.
  15. Delphifeeds.com looking for game development blogs...
  16. Ideas to create an event broadcasting class
  17. Exponents using variants ... and death thereby.
  18. About NVidia SDK
  19. Were to start?
  20. How necessary are math knowledge and habit...
  21. My Pong
  22. data format incompatibilities (FPC vs Delphi)
  23. Random level generation.
  24. What Pascal game dev is lacking or...
  25. Hashing algorithm for shareware key generation/validation
  26. Pascal projects on Ohloh
  27. Bulk loading of records from a stream. (Chunk VS for-loop)
  28. Is there an InstallShield analog for Linux?
  29. Adding an Icon and Application Information
  30. How can i know when is complete?
  31. Is this 3x3 matrix multiply function right?
  32. Installation Program - Full Install or Install Loader
  33. Case Statements Vs. If Then Statements
  34. ANGEL code library for BBS doors
  35. Is this legal?
  36. OCR and FreePascal
  37. Making a Package for the game? [sounds,graphics]
  38. Initial setup screen
  39. Faster than Quicksort for strings?
  40. Parameter explicit typecast to implicit
  41. Getting the videocard
  42. Engine DirectX 8.1
  43. 3D Math
  44. Advantages of learning Pascal?
  45. script in pascal ?
  46. Delphi breakpoint bug?
  47. Lua Scripting...
  48. SDL GL vs. dglOpenGL
  49. SetLength() out of memory :(
  50. About sprite movement, questions and solutions.
  51. [DLLs] modules, static and dynamic linking
  52. WCT (Wait chain traversal)
  53. How to get a string from a buffer
  54. Looking for a "Best Fit" 3D game enigine.
  55. Problems w/ D3DXLoadMeshHierarchyFromX
  56. C conversion problem
  57. Error handling considerations
  58. 3D Calculations
  59. [?]How draw something every 5sec and keep it drawn for 2sec
  60. Problem storing method types as longwords
  61. Switch Manager
  62. Some doubts in pascal language..
  63. Extended precision conversion
  64. Delphi IDE+Debugger with Freepascal compiler?
  65. RANDOM isn't so random.
  66. running an outside program regardless of error....
  67. 2d using opengl?
  68. Delphi libs can be used in C++ ?
  69. {$IFDEF Win32}, {$IFDEF CLR}, and what for multiplatform?
  70. Compiling from Windows to Darwing in Lazarus
  71. Output units and .exe to different folders with Lazarus
  72. Fully reading keyboard and mouse in GLUT and FPC
  73. Any problems not using GLUT events?
  74. Pixel Collision detection in SDL+OpenGL
  75. ARToolKit from C to Pascal
  76. Premature optimization time: Cross product
  77. Composer available - Levan I.
  78. Crimsonland clone, 2d or 3d, topdown
  79. C++ function to Pascal problem...
  80. Disabling VSync on Linux
  81. My own class procedure problem
  82. Current thread checking
  83. Event processing (in a game)
  84. Byte-by-byte allocated data manipulation
  85. Help needed with sprite class design
  86. Setting a whole bool-array to FALSE
  87. Reference between different units
  88. Default return value for functions
  89. Anyone recommend some screen capture software?
  90. C to Delphi [OFF]
  91. Automatic posts creation on web forum.
  92. Change and read video settings using winapi?
  93. Creative crisis, need advice.
  94. Snapping pieces of "track" together
  95. TMemo with images...?
  96. Removing data from a pointer
  97. Assembler with Delphi - a few questions
  98. SDL Runtimes ... or letting my friends play my game
  99. FPC and Delphi interfaces
  100. use json with delphi?
  101. Cross Platform Shell Scripts...
  102. Execute program from Windows Temp folder?
  103. Delphi network help!
  104. External procedure in Delphi!
  105. Multi-core/Multithreading your engine...
  106. Multicore
  107. Hello and I have some questions.
  108. Java to Pascal translator?
  109. WideString -> AnsiString -> WideString in Delphi/FPC?
  110. What does "Force DWORD" mean?
  111. Non-breaking threads?
  112. Variant parts record problem
  113. access violation, tobject
  114. TEdit and maxLength problem
  115. Any generic type information mechanism for Delphi and FPC??
  116. Detect an misterious acess violation [SOLVED]
  117. Benchmarks! FPC vs Delphi vs C++
  118. MultiCore issues
  119. QueryPerformanceCounter problem and questions
  120. about string conts (a lot of then)
  121. WinAPI WM_KEYDOWN how to detect Alt of left
  122. Crayon Physics Deluxe Wins IGF
  123. Crayon Physics Deluxe Wins IGF
  124. Storing data inside .exe
  125. Executing commandline commands
  126. RegisterHotKey( works, but how to register a multimedia key?
  127. Addresing arrays and calculating coordinates
  128. freepascal/Delphi thread-safe queue?
  129. Freeing items form dyn. array before deleting
  130. Randomize problem
  131. Logging class
  132. Workaround for multidimensional arrays? (Pascal Script)
  133. Linking a procedure to an object for remote execution
  134. Developing a algorithm to sort 2D arrays
  135. Any ideas for optimization of tree operation?
  136. Treeview custom draw
  137. Shared code snippets!
  138. Removing old data from a stringlist
  139. "absolute" and "register" keywords?
  140. About TClassList
  141. SSE2 tutorials
  142. [try try ... finally ... end; except ... end;]
  143. asm output
  144. YAML for FPC/Delphi?
  145. Local variable with asm
  146. Delphi 3D Offline?
  147. Constructor casting
  148. using .obj in delphi
  149. How to force the vsync with delphi?
  150. Problems with dynamic linking
  151. The screen resolution problem
  152. Ideas needed to 2d sprite z-ordering sort
  153. How to implement a "record" & "replay&quo
  154. My own archive format
  155. Some OpenGL functions do not load proprerly.
  156. Delphi Game Programming
  157. secure way to upload files to webserver
  158. Implementing abstract drawing surface and abstract picture
  159. Programming a 2D RPG Engine of sorts.
  160. Need some help with map editor (drawing cursor rects).
  161. Record BlockWrite problems
  162. Google translation via Delphi code :)
  163. screenshots
  164. Casting an object to an interface
  165. 8086 emulator in pascal
  166. Unfuddle hosting site
  167. Problems with a chunk-based file
  168. File attributes
  169. synchronizing game mechanics online
  170. Moving a viewport by dragging the mouse.
  171. Position Problems
  172. pack files
  173. sfrx - sound generator
  174. a text parser
  175. What about "LEAF 2" game engine?
  176. pascal to java?
  177. Implenent a scripting engine tutorial :)
  178. Optimal Code [introduction]
  179. Optimal Code problem #1
  180. API VS VCL
  181. How to control (stop/play) snow...
  182. best ways of auto assing a id value to an object for a specific class?
  183. Full Screening A Form
  184. Elegant handling of windows messages
  185. load files in memory
  186. .pas filename obtaint via a const in the code?
  187. Frame based or timed based for smooth scrolling?
  188. game video application
  189. Deciding a scripting engine
  190. unit conversion (font pt to opengl units)
  191. cross-platform temp filename generator?
  192. how to Encrypt/Decrypt compressed streams?
  193. Pascal Gaming Books
  194. Ifdefs
  195. TLists (resolved)
  196. Undesired Constant String [NEW problem]
  197. RPG woes
  198. SDL Text
  199. does setTimer not work in FPC? -- nevermind, solved, kinda --
  200. Software versioning, what to use?
  201. Has this been done before? Pascal OS?
  202. Optimizing in Free Pascal.
  203. System exceptions in your dll: Defeated!
  204. Conway Game of Life and the QuadTree
  205. Best Library for Cross Platform 3D development?
  206. Firewall complains about my project requiring net access.
  207. question about vertex shader
  208. Custom variables in an object of an object.
  209. Project with Multiple Source files?
  210. Any basic OpenGL engine source?
  211. Coding for each others mutual benefit
  212. Uhh, little help please? rotation and physics...
  213. Library interfaces in pascal
  214. How to make a list of Method pointers?
  215. How to test the performance of your code?
  216. Pascal Tutorial
  217. c++ vector = ? delphi
  218. Simple math expression evaluator
  219. "class var" or "static" ?
  220. Convert C header to Pascal (to use dll in project)
  221. database problem
  222. SDL & 2d particles
  223. Tiled and xml
  224. Need SIMPLE file format that includes plain text + embedded commands?
  225. Python to Pascal code conversion questions
  226. Procedural v.s Object oriented programming?
  227. Using compiler hints for quick jumping
  228. What libraries (native or libs with headers) do you use for game development and why?
  229. FontStudio exporter TCharacterData question
  230. Gui editor
  231. Shoot- Help!-
  232. Linking against OpenAL on Linux
  233. Is the SIGSEGV error the same as an access violation?
  234. GPL Legality
  235. FPC Multi Unit Compilations
  236. Question about record getters.
  237. Dealing with paths in a cross-platform way.
  238. Ubuntu & FPC = Confused
  239. Physics engine v.s Scene graph
  240. Fast hash functions??
  241. Strange AV?
  242. Does pascal have reflection?
  243. How to check for a null object?
  244. Map or hash
  245. make files for pascal?
  246. Mutlithreading
  247. better error messages?
  248. cant find unit classes used by project1
  249. delete object on a list
  250. 'global variable'