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  1. crinkler and delphi
  2. type casting float->int
  3. Screen to World Coordinates
  4. handle of object?
  5. int -> binary -> string
  6. How convert c++ code?
  7. Question about byte alignment...
  8. Weird problem with real variable
  9. Difference between FPC Generics and Delphi Generics?
  10. How to save different forms and use it in the runtime?
  11. "EProcess : Failed to Fork process"
  12. Hiding methods that shouldn't be call-able.
  13. A Map Editor Question
  14. Objective comparison between FreePascal/Lazarus and Delphi
  15. Cannot find sdl_image.dcu.. How to force delphi to generate it?
  16. How can i do this?
  17. Pointers, objects, functions and execution - is this even possible?
  18. Reference-counting. Do you use it?
  19. gettings started with freepascal on osx and ios
  20. Math related problem.
  21. Sockets unit in Lazarus
  22. I need a little help with this.
  23. Really silly thing.. =/
  24. wired looking dialog box
  25. Structure and Design
  26. word bits?
  27. How command line prog with progress bar in form....
  28. Convert set to binary representation
  29. PE - Resource Directories
  30. Multi-threading crunch-bang
  31. Script in game, for quests
  32. Need help on Library Design
  33. Handling Exceptions raised from inside a thread
  34. Fonts Fonts Fonts....
  35. Delphi Upgrade Order Fail
  36. Writing an interpreter...
  37. Friend members in Delphi
  38. Weird EInvalidPointer Exception
  39. Problem with 'FindComponent'
  40. string to float
  41. reading fbx or collada
  42. FPC Procedural Pointer Oversight?
  43. Object References nilled
  44. [Request] Mod Funcion between two extended values?
  45. Best engine for me?
  46. Cross-platform way of getting list of all drives (A - Z) on a computer?
  47. Calling other constructor ok?
  48. Converting cross-platform C++ timer code to pascal...
  49. Heeelp - ludum dare emrgency (unsolved - retard gaff)
  50. Freepascal programs and Linux distros?
  51. Windows Language Related Crashes
  52. That is very interesting, DelphiXE2, FireMonkey, GLSCENE?
  53. Delphi pointer comparation
  54. How intercept car position
  55. COM Interface behind the scenes.
  56. Pascal Script
  57. Inserting to Multiple Tables
  58. Pascal for webbrowsers and/or mobile devices
  59. Multithreading Efficiency
  60. Pascal on Android: I made it work!
  61. Accesing propertys by name
  62. I need some help on this!
  63. Executing some code ater form has been Maximized or Restored?
  64. Entity component model
  65. Utf8
  66. Making a function return anything... or something like that.
  67. Hide TTabSheet (Lazarus)
  68. Which compiler do you use?
  69. Match3 Engine
  70. Delphi Component Help
  71. getting my stuff together
  72. Match3 Engine BETA testing needed Open Source Project
  73. How to use SFML with Free Pascal?
  74. New language features have a place in game code?
  75. Proceural Programming vs. Object Oriented Programming
  76. Quad-Tree or Oct-Tree
  77. Silly things we used to do?
  78. Help
  79. calculating string
  80. Convert ansistring to pchar
  81. Brainstorming: Simplified game making language and IDE
  82. Using Delphi DLL on C++
  83. 32bit Vs. 64bit
  84. [delphi 7]code optimalisation, comparing 2d matrices of words [SSE?]
  85. Windows Rutine development restrictions for third-party compilers
  86. Check if object is created
  87. Get total size of multidimensional array
  88. Get terminal variables
  89. Exponentiation with real numbers.
  90. Code Conversion - C++ to Delphi
  91. A complex string.
  92. Communicating between Delphi App and Browser App
  93. Convert C to Pas
  94. If Parser
  95. Delphi & lua problem
  96. Converting ASM to Pascal
  97. 'with do' question
  98. cross platform audio project possible in pascal?
  99. question about multithreading
  100. State machine - requesting advice
  101. Getting tile id
  102. iterator for array structure
  103. How to check if class instance variable was actually initialized?
  104. Tracking segfaults
  105. Logging?
  106. Setting bindings - question
  107. DOS window...
  108. ideas for TAtmosphere
  109. {$define}
  110. TList.Items - what happens when you get out of range?
  111. voice synthesis?
  112. How to manipulate specific bits of a variable
  113. loading set from file
  114. Yet another segfault (a.k.a. Darkhog is a total noob)
  115. Encoding binary files as base64?
  116. Convert from c++ to Pascal
  117. How simply check if mouse cursor is over specific point[i] and over of any ofpoints ?
  118. PolyToTri
  119. Interesting loop in Pascal
  120. TForm inheritance and methods
  121. Empire source in Pascal
  122. Component based game design
  123. Starting Pascal Game Dev OSX
  124. For loop and boolean expression in it and other troubles..
  125. FastScript and FPC on Linux
  126. Social Networks APIs
  127. Pass or change TYPE in other unit, possible?
  128. SDL_TTF - Memory leak when drawing text
  129. what to choose for android development
  130. stb_image.c to pas , anyone ?
  131. Lua is interesting
  132. Object Oriented programin (step one of many)
  133. Weird error
  134. String handling issue with Free Pascal
  135. Objects on a tilemap
  136. TMX Maps
  137. SMPEG Movie Playback Woes
  138. Working with excel files in Delphi
  139. fbx sdk headers anyone?
  140. shader related problem
  141. Sudoku solver program, do it like a human!
  142. Help large multidimensional arrays
  143. New Get Lazarus Initiative
  144. Bare.Game engine has been revised
  145. Game development walkthrough: A simple example using Bare Game
  146. Bare Game development walkthrough #2: Parallax and other sprites
  147. Game Developement
  148. 2D perspective correct texturing ?
  149. Turbo Pascal 7.0 game library?
  150. directx-12 headers for delphi/fpc
  151. Is possible to replace texture part?
  152. Rendering at a constant rate
  153. If anyone else out there is using CodeTyphons "Orca3D" fork of DXScene...
  154. CLASS vs. OBJECT and memory management
  155. VS Code + Pascal : Editor for the future!
  156. What's the name of the concept of scripting in a Sim/RTS type of game?
  157. Library recommendation?
  158. So whatever happened to the whole PGDCE thing?
  159. Ternary operator, begin/end
  160. Interface <> Implementation
  161. Help with ZenGL
  162. Telegram group
  163. Index of acronyms
  164. Memory usage
  165. How generate 2d mesh triangles list from an image?
  166. Scripting with remote debugger?
  167. Some guidance needed...
  168. FBX models in Delphi
  169. Steam wrapper, exploring options