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  1. About this forum......
  2. Programming Games on the Windows Canvas
  3. Writing Games with DelphiX's DXDraw
  4. Pixel level collision detection in PowerDraw
  5. Nearly A* Search Tutorial
  6. Designing a Checkers Game Class (Long inc 300 lines of code)
  7. Adding AI to the Checkers Game (using DWS2)
  8. Link: About Delphi Programming.
  9. Getting started with Delphi[my idea]
  10. Radix Sort Class
  11. Cards Tutorial
  12. File Packaging
  13. Are you delphi pointer pro?
  14. Code Profiler
  15. Web Live
  16. TGA Loader
  17. A Delphi Encryption Unit: Using DCP Components
  18. Object oriented programming for beginners
  19. Write your own game
  20. Writing your own package file editor
  21. search for PowerDraw tutorial(s)
  22. Infinity Explorer
  23. OpenAL Library available
  24. FreePascal and JEDI-SDL - A first game template
  25. Creating a Web Service
  26. Consuming a Web Service
  27. free 2d box rigid body demo for delphi!
  28. Quake II Delphi
  29. basic tile engine written up using DelphiX
  30. Games written in Delphi
  31. Delphi Quake II Tutorials
  32. Article Editor Formatting Guidelines and List of Bugs
  33. Tutorial or zip with source?
  34. SDL/OpenGL selection example
  35. Pascal Macro Compiler
  36. 5 Basic Tutorials for Delphi/FPC
  37. SDL/OpenGL Multitexture example
  38. OpenGL/SDL font example
  39. The New Guy
  40. Quake 2 Tools
  41. OpenGL template
  42. The Right Tool for the Right Job..
  43. Algorithms, math, puzzles and problem solving
  44. Help
  45. GLScene
  46. Maps & editor
  47. Editor
  48. Morley's Miracle
  49. Threading Basics for Games
  50. API's
  51. Help - GLScene Basic tutorials
  52. very good article on high precision timers
  53. New Library Item: OpenGL FrameBuffer Object 101
  54. OpenGL tutorial
  55. Pascal and XNA...
  56. Pascal and XNA - Loading and displaying an Image
  57. Hello! (New to Pascal where can I start?)
  58. CodeHealer - nice tool in everyday work ;-)
  59. Simple Text-Based Page-Display System
  60. Fast MM
  61. Benchmarking your functions in a multi-threaded fashion.
  62. Six ways to write more comprehensible code
  63. New FPC/JEDI-SDL tutorials
  64. How to setup Free Pascal with Popular Libraries
  65. Writing Clean, Maintainable, and Readable Code
  66. How to use BASS
  67. How to make pacman!!
  68. Jedi SDL examples and tuts
  69. Ambient Occlusion without using shaders
  70. Starting with SDL
  71. create 3d trees for free
  72. convert almost any shader to arb vertex and fragment shaders
  73. Just info (hosting)
  74. Delphi 2009 and Unicode
  75. .Pak Files Again
  76. Referring to everything of a certain type
  77. MediaPlayer auto-repeat mp3
  78. Snow and Rain Effects
  79. Fade in and out (Delphi Form)
  80. Jedi Visual Component Library
  81. RTTI Blog
  82. Custom fonts in application
  83. Make Delphi 2010 Look-Work-Feel Like Delphi 7!
  84. Other useful sites
  85. iPhone Development: Everything You Need To Know
  86. OpenGL 3.x with Delphi
  87. free online photo editor
  88. Nitrogen web site
  89. Some good beginners tutorials on PGD
  90. Very handy pascal site
  91. Interesting Links
  92. WinAPI window class
  93. I found this nice Delphi blog =)
  94. Another helpfull link...
  95. Exporting/importing classes from DLL
  96. 2D Isometric Land: Breaking Out of the Grid Tutorial...
  97. BGRABitmap tutorial
  98. More game dev tutorials...
  99. Article: Why Code Readability Matters
  100. Article: The Core Mechanics of Influence Mapping
  101. Embarcadero promises Delphi everywhere...
  102. Delphi Conference 2010 in Brazil
  103. Delphi3d.net is back (sort of)
  104. TexturePacker and PhysicsEditor
  105. Nick Hodges takes a crack at Calculating Pi
  106. make MacOSX applications with RS XE2 (step-by-step)
  107. On-line talk regarding PixelJunk Shooter - Environmental puzzle game
  108. Free sound and music site!!
  109. Why not do an MMORPG as you first project?
  110. Writting map editor from scratch tutorial (With Allegro)
  111. Top 10 Reasons to use Platform Native APIs
  112. Mixing C++ and Delphi without wrappers
  113. Pascal chess programs
  114. Allegro.pas tutorials
  115. Linux and wine as great debugging aids
  116. Curious case of !sudden! AVs on ARM due to packed records
  117. Lazarus port of Tom Nuydens "Mr. Potato Head" GLSL demo using modern GL functionality
  118. Thyandyr's selected links
  119. Modern, opensource automaticly-growing runtime font packer for games
  120. Another way to fail spectacularly in Linux
  121. Vampyre Imaging Library