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  1. Distribution
  2. Are you an Amateur or a Professional?
  3. Time Restricted Software
  4. Game Marketing Discussion
  5. how to get paid
  6. A big game made in Delphi
  7. game distribution through our site
  8. Open source license
  9. E3 2005
  10. Interesting post at garage games
  11. Are you going commercial? Read this!
  12. Things to remember
  13. Education for GameDevs. Location Denmark/south sweden.
  14. Looking to break in to music/audio production for video game
  15. Independent Game Festival...
  16. Anyone experienced eSellerate?
  17. Gaming review sites like Gametunnel.com und Mirror sites
  18. Searching for contact emails of game print media magazines
  19. Advertising for and amongst PGD members
  20. What sells a game?
  21. Measuring Success: How much have you made?
  22. Delphi 5 free?
  23. Why There Are No Indie Video Games
  24. What license to choose ?
  25. FreePascal.org Site Redesign
  26. Epic boss speaks out against Intel
  27. Has Borland's Reputation Gone So Far Down the Tubes?
  28. Freelance Computer Work
  29. Building Up Your GameDev Resume
  30. Dissecting the DelphiX Copyright
  31. Reasons why internet validation is bad.
  32. Trials & Triumps of Magic Storm in the Shareware Market
  33. Selling games...
  34. [PGD Competition 2007] German Law - Forbidden Symbols
  35. [PGD Competition 2007] A cup full of post-mortems
  36. Great Games Experiment
  37. What is the game industry really like?
  38. Interview with IGF Finalists
  39. Job Opportunity at UK Game Development Studio
  40. Triumph Studios - Overlord
  41. No published 'Free Pascal' Books
  42. Legal Issues
  43. For Indie Developers Running a Project
  44. Shareware sites submission
  45. The great list of Pascal Games
  46. Is Pascal is Still My Lovely Language?
  47. Play Value - History of Video Games
  48. Dev.Mag Changed their format!
  49. Who is making a game?
  50. Network componenets for my game!
  51. 3D Realms close?
  52. Development Games with Pascal for the CIS countries
  53. Delphi/Pascal Game Engines
  54. Who is interested in a printed copy of Pascal Gamer Magazine?
  55. Pascal Gamer Magazine Issue 2 - Call for Content
  56. Free Hosting for Delphi Games Developers
  57. www.PascalGamer.com
  58. LinuxGD.net
  59. Pascal Gamer Magazine Issue 2 [Announcement]
  60. Tough road to get to iPhone now
  61. The new Nintendo 3DS
  62. Delphi is coming to Linux/Mac OS X
  63. Indie Game: The Movie
  64. iPod Touch Models for game development
  65. I want to HIRE an Artist, where do you recommend I look?
  66. Light Edition of Delphi at a Low Cost
  67. Do you want to make a game for the iPad?
  68. Article: How early reviews hurt sales of indie games
  69. Classic Game Postmortem: Another World/Out of this World
  70. The Independent Game Rating
  71. What service to host global high scores and achievements?
  72. Could this be the Future of Computer Science Education?
  73. Talk on Creativity and Game Design from 1989
  74. What's your Top 3 Game Genre?
  75. If someone gave You a Million Bucks what would You Make?
  76. Very cool BrashMonkey Spriter Vector Graphics Tool!
  77. Diablo 3 open stress test weekend
  78. The future of Pascal as language for games
  79. Gamer's networks; which ones are key?
  80. Android ICS 7" Gamepad
  81. Where do you go to find new indie/casual games?
  82. Questions about sellin games
  83. Selling on Indievania - what do you think?
  84. My stance on used games
  85. Another Pascal vs. C argument
  86. Kickstarter just openned up to Canada!
  87. Looking for SFX / Speech / Music Artists
  88. Game Maker Studio free for limited time