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  2. Any Free Pascal projects out there?
  3. Kernel compilation in FreePascal
  4. Free Pascal platform thoughts...
  5. FPC RPG style map won't even startup!
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  7. Simple 2D library
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  9. OpenAL and FreePascal on Linux
  10. C++ Classes in Delphi/FreePascal
  11. what IDE for FPC
  12. GNU debugger for freepascal IDE
  13. FreePascal has more posts than Kylix!
  14. Linux - Requirements
  15. Any one using JEDI-SDL on mac ?
  16. GBA + FPC = Possiblility???
  17. Big release for Lazarus users!
  18. LNet
  19. Organization and Development Team of FPC
  20. Moving from Delphi/Kylix to Lazarus, Free Pascal
  21. FPC 1.9.6 released!
  22. MacOS X dylib suppport...
  23. Graphix and FPC v1.0.10 Problem.
  24. Which libs to use ?
  25. Just tried to convert a project to Lazarus
  26. Using Jedi-SDL under Lazarus
  27. Lazarus gaming edition ;)
  28. Programmer's guide to FPC and Lazarus
  29. ODE under FreePaascal on Win32
  30. FPC imports GTK2
  31. What version of FreePascal compiler you are using?
  32. P-Robots
  33. Loading images in GL
  34. Pocket PC Dev Kit for FreePascal
  35. Console gaming using FPC
  36. Win64 Support?
  37. PearPC and Free Pascal
  38. Corba interfaces
  39. .NET
  40. FPC 2.0 and IDE
  41. Xcode and FreePascal on MacOS X
  42. linux/windows
  43. FPC 4 GBA Initiative Site
  44. dll/so finalization block
  45. Promoting Free Pascal in Schools
  46. FPC 4 GBA: Issues with the gnu linker...
  47. /bin/sh: line 1: 10321 Segmentation fault
  48. Gotcha Mac Mojo Goin' On?
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  52. FPC 4 GBA: Awaiting THUMB for ARM7 & ARM9
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  54. I found the perfect IDE for Freepascal.
  55. 3D Engines for FreePascal/Lazarus.
  56. FPC 4 GBA: a step ahead
  57. Compiling Linux programs in Windows
  58. PalmOS Support
  59. FPC4GBA vs GPC4GBA :P
  60. [FPC4GBA] New examples
  61. ZLib in FPC
  62. FPC for Win64
  63. Is there a way to enumerate *all* the fields of a class?
  64. How to prevent from running multiple application instances?
  65. FPC 4 GBA: new sources available from svn repository
  66. FPC 4 GBA: binaries uploaded
  67. MIPS
  68. ARM7TDMI
  69. Nintendo DS
  70. PalmOS Port
  71. Freepascal SVN trunk build problems
  72. "SIGSEGV" error : How do I do OOP correctly?
  73. [OpenGL & FreePASCAL] Fullscreen ?
  74. How to use Newton in Linux?
  75. FPC 4 GBA: first working game (WIP)
  76. FPC4GBA tutorial (W.I.P.)
  77. Passing values between arrays
  78. Leveraging Vector Pascal for a PS2 port???
  79. Adding New Ports to FPC
  80. OpenGL command crashing under Lazarus but not Dephi 5
  81. Openions on best Linux distro for FPC and Lazarus?
  82. Matrix unit
  83. How do you Redirect WriteLn and Write in FPC?
  84. Derive from an Class in a DLL
  85. PNG library that works on Win32, Linux and MacOS X...
  86. Reading and writing Variants efficently?
  87. Linking with Linux .so files
  88. Initialization sections not being run in Linux so.
  89. freepascal site down?
  90. Crosscompiling to ARM
  91. jedi-SDL in fpc/packages/extra now
  92. profiling with freepascal
  93. Problems with the "genmath.inc" file
  94. Giant .exe files
  95. Freepascal 2.2.0 released!
  96. TBitmap without LCL
  97. stuck converting python headers to pascal
  98. class of TMyObject
  99. Freepascal/JEDI-SDL cross-platform rules!
  100. Faster CRT updates
  101. Uses declaration on FPC
  102. Help! the Try... block in a win32 dll doesn't catch the AVs!
  103. Assembler RTL routines for ARM added
  104. Lazarus FreePascal and SDL on Ubuntu...
  105. My new, working lineinfo replacement (works ith dlls!)
  106. Impossible "integer expression" errors
  107. Keyboard unit: kbReleased problem.
  108. Clone of Worms on FPC, help asked to port to iPhone
  109. Endian issue with file encryption procedure on PPC Mac OS X?
  110. C64 computer emulator written in Freepascal :)
  111. Range check error in Val() function
  112. mmSystem in fpc for MacOS
  113. Free Pascal, SDL and OpenGL in XCode 3.1 (OSX 10.5.6)
  114. Basic needs for FreePascal with game programming.
  115. Fast Graphics library
  116. cross compiling an x11 application with freepascal?
  117. LCL and DLLs, initializing the widget set safely?
  118. Project ? raised exception class Unknown
  119. Problem while porting string code to FPC
  120. [SDL] undefined reference to `SDL_GetKeyState'
  121. Curious OpenGL -GLUT +Linux +Windows + MAC Can it be done?
  122. About fpc syntax
  123. Solving "Undefined Symbol" errors
  124. noob question about lazarus
  125. Linking Issues on MacOS X 10.6.5
  126. Can a Free Pascal compile a really cool Delphi 4 game source i know about?
  127. Problem with FreePascal + MacOS
  128. I need to find a specific function, where to look?
  129. Linking issues with XCode + FPC for iPhone
  130. JEDI-SDL in Lazarus throwing a compile error in SDL_AddPixel
  131. Class operators in Freepascal records like in Delphi 2010?
  132. Freepascal app on Android market!!
  133. Free code to read/write zip files with passwords using Freepascal?
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  135. Value parameters won't compile?
  136. QWord bug?
  137. Nice IDEs for Linux and Windows?
  138. Application icon for Linux
  139. Is there an Image component with double buffering available?
  140. the smallest fpc program
  141. FPC 2.6.0 released!
  142. Android, FPC and lazarus corss-compilation
  143. Property pointing to function
  144. my tiny softsynth
  145. Patch for using threads on Android
  146. Compile by command line using IDE configuration
  147. FPC or GCC
  148. FPC & Directx11
  149. Free Pascal DS Compiler - Please help! :)
  150. paszlib on Linux 64-bit creates empty archive
  151. Compiling on Rasperry Pi
  152. CrossFPC
  153. Linker Error with SDL2.0
  154. Using a Lua script in a FreePascal program
  155. Problem: Linking 64-bit ARM for IOS (FPC 3.0.1)
  156. ASM includes broken in fpc 3.0.4 / x86_64
  157. Combining Lua and Free Pascal.
  158. Bug report.
  159. Trash pointers to shortstrings and array of const: one extra pitfall
  160. raise at : undocumented (?) syntax