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07-05-2004, 09:25 PM
Welcome guests, visitors and staff members to DGDev,

This is my first official News post as a member of the DGDev's Management. Most members and now staff here at DGDev who have been visiting and contributing to it over the last year or so may have come across a recent post I made on August 1st, 2003 not too long after I myself became a basic member here. This thread led to the eventual merger of two of the more popular Delphi Game Development sites on the net within our rather thinly spread out community. The practice of designing and creating games with the use of Delphi is nothing new in fact it is a growing sub-culture of the game development world it's self. Now more than ever I think that Delphi and Kylix are becoming more and more accepted as a means to make games.

Not only have the members from each of the two site projects been merging into one team, but we are also in the process of designing a new and improved and unified website that will feature staff-written articles, staff-submitted tutorials, a continuation of DGDev's renouned and well loved forums, Pascal/Game Development related news posts and many other features to follow.

These changes are intended to take the best of both sites and what else is missing from the actual community and provide that in a fresh, yet familiar enviroment to the programmers and other developers. In this new bold move, we aim to grow from what we are now into whatever else we can be as a development community. We wish to not only be a site with related information, but a gathering with a culture.

Pascal based development teams are gradually becoming more common place then they were about 6 years ago when information on DirectX alone in Delphi was quite sparse. And these groups will need resources and material to learn from and a format to converse on ideas, technical questions and other areas of discussion. The new DGDev aims to be just that.

DGDev is the home of Delphi Games Development.

DGDev Management

08-05-2004, 01:35 AM
"DGDev is the home of Delphi Games Development. "

A statement flatly contradicted by your announcement!

11-05-2004, 10:11 AM
"DGDev is the home of Delphi Games Development. "

A statement flatly contradicted by your announcement!

Your title as "Time waster" is truly right ;-)
DGDev stands for Delphi Games Development..

Anyway, what is the other site that will merge with DGDev?
And will the other site be merge into DGDev, or will it be a "new" site (url)?

I dont find the announcement that clear on what is going to happen..?

EDIT: Guess i should have gone read in the "site feedback" before posting here.. Seems like my Q will/have been A'ed there..

12-05-2004, 12:12 AM
Thats a good questions actually DelphiGamer.com (http://www.delphigamer.com) & DGDev were merged sometime in the summer of 2003. Both sites will be made into one new site with each of the others older content transfered over to it. When the grand openning comes(trust me you'll know), both of the older URLs will point to the new site for about a year after the openning of the new site. A new URL will be made for the site so those may update their links. This will be announced on the release of the new site.

If you wish to see the origins of the new site have a read here: http://terraqueous.f2o.org/dgdev/viewtopic.php?t=739

Harry Hunt
27-07-2004, 09:05 PM
I just want to mention that I'm very excited about this. DGDev is an awesome site as is DelphiGamer. With the "death" of turbo and the lack of updates on DelphiGamer it's hard for a Delphi programmer to "stay up to date" and with PGDEV you can have it all on one site :D
So kudos to you for doing a great job and for this great idea!

29-07-2004, 12:55 AM
I felt like I had to post after Harry's answer...: wink:

It's great to see that some parts of the Delphi/Pascal community is still alive. For the last couple of months I've felt that it's been tearing apart and that our favourite language will die out. :( Sometimes I personally think that I've not done enough to help this community, but I'm glad that some people are willing to do more than I've probably ever could. :P Good luck to you all!

After that tribute to you it feels kind of bad to ask this question, but do you have any date or something as when the new site will be launched?

29-07-2004, 05:34 AM
The head chief of the process (WILL not to be confused with me William) is currently serving some time on a ship (he is in the navy). WILL has got a pretty nearly complete test site up and running. I expect we should be going live 6-8 weeks after he gets back (which I thought was last week but it seems I was wrong).

Mostly WILL has been doing the development work on the new site pretty much on his own.

22-11-2004, 12:24 AM
It has been a log while since any real news has come of the new PGD site. So to update everyone, things are rolling around and we will soon have something indeed before the end of the year. All those working on the site and are active in the staff are working really hard to get things ready for the date we plan to 'go live'.

The offical deadline is Mid-December.

At that time we plan to have as much content available and a few of the new News, Articles, 'PGD Library' and other sections planned for release completed and functioning. After which one by one they will be added gradually.

I'm sure everyone is anxious and has been holding their breath for over a year now, but the new site is almost done and soon it will be up and running. :)