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26-06-2004, 12:21 PM
I have a problem with mixing images (from DXImagelist) with shapes (rectangles, ellipses).
Drawing a shape prevents images being drawn
ie if the processing sequence is image1, rectangle, ellipse, image2 then image1 is drawn OK as are the rectangle and ellipse but image2 is not drawn. If I process all the images first in a separate loop followed by a loop for shapes then all images and shapes are drawn OK. However this means that where overlaps occur images are always obscured by shapes. I need the user to determine the sequence of drawing and thus to control which objects are drawn on top.

The code I have used is:
DXDraw1.Surface.Fill( clGreen );
with DXDraw1.Surface.Canvas do
for obj_ptr:=0 to obj_count - 1 do
dxdraw1.surface.canvas.Brush.color:=my_objects_col or[obj_ptr];
case my_objects[obj_ptr] of
1: rectangle(my_objects_x1[obj_ptr],my_objects_y1[obj_ptr],
my_objects_x1[obj_ptr] + my_objects_x2[obj_ptr],
my_objects_y1[obj_ptr] + my_objects_y2[obj_ptr]);
2: ellipse(my_objects_x1[obj_ptr],my_objects_y1[obj_ptr],
my_objects_x1[obj_ptr] + my_objects_x2[obj_ptr],
my_objects_y1[obj_ptr] + my_objects_y2[obj_ptr]);
4: dximagelist1.Items[my_objects_image[obj_ptr]].draw(DXDraw1.Surface,
end; // end case
end; // end loop thru objects
end; // end with canvas


I hope that I have explained the problem adequately and that someone can suggest a solution to the problem (the object of the program is garden design and I anticipate a maximum of 200 objects to be drawn). I'm using Windows98, Delphi Personal 6 and DelphiX 2000.07.17.

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26-06-2004, 04:04 PM
I don't use DelphiX, but I'm sure Release should be called after using canvas functions on a surface before you can draw to it normally.

28-06-2004, 10:57 AM
Yes That has fixed it. I had misunderstood the purpose of'release' as in all the examples I had seen it was only issued once at the end of all drawing - which is Ok unless images are added to the surface. Thanks