View Full Version : GeNUI-based game projects anyone?

19-03-2012, 09:16 AM
So with the Kinect for Windows finally out and the ASUS Xtion Pro also out as alternate hardware, are there any plans to make games based on these interfaces? I believe we still have to wait on the GeNUI library to get released, but at least ideas can start floating around, right?

You know the could make for excellent development tools as well. Imagine making animations for your game characters using it to record your own (or team actors) movements and actions and use those as animations in-game.

There of course is also the concept of 3D gaming as well. I believe there is a 3D scan of David I.'s face somewhere that can attest to this as well.

I'm currious to see if anyone can come up with something using the technology. I think it's still a little new, but that doesn't mean it cannot help push your development in the meantime.