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20-03-2012, 01:01 AM

The famous "Whip Speech" delivered at the 1989 Computer Game Developers Conference by Chris Crawford.

23 years later and a lot of what this guy says is quite common to today. :)

20-03-2012, 03:05 AM
haha! at first glance at the video still above, I could picture that guy at a sermon or similar due to his clothes :D

20-03-2012, 04:42 AM
Yeah I know! :P Too me a while to get over his clothing selection there. They used chalk back then, maybe that has something to do with it? I think he is wearing a dress shirt underneath.

What he says is true about creativity. If you look at hugely popular games like Angry Birds and Skylander's stuff. They're heavily marketable and it seems like it's been catered to be that way. If you really try them or watch a video of gameplay, there really isn't anything all that overly creative about them. It's really all been done before, just not so much in the same package perhaps. Great ideas and highly successful, but not the most creative of ideas.

20-03-2012, 07:01 AM
oh cool chris crawford, hes a legend :)
sadly i havent be able to met him cause he avoid conferences as i heard :<

Great ideas and highly successful, but not the most creative of ideas

today 99% of the games are clones, cloning a single game or combining two games to one

a new idea is always risky but a clone will mostly make money even if its not the huge amount the real one make
but some clones create a bigger userbase and more cash then the original

currently theres a trend in the indiedevelopercommunity where someone says "xyz cloned my game" but having a close look
shows that it isnt something really new just combining some stuff you already saw somewhere with little changes
this guys mostly blame others cause they think they achieved something new or they are angry cause the clone have some small changes and generate alot more cash

this happen over years in the gameindustry and its still the way how to make profitable games

and for me a game with little changes still make a big impact on the gameexpierence even changes only in graphicstyle can lead to this