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24-10-2004, 02:26 AM
I have just posted a new item on a contest. However unlike the others this one is offering a $25,000 prize!

The idea is to make a game that teaches 7th grade kids without them knowing they are being tought. It's a method called 'stealth teaching'. Now I doubt a game called "Math with Guns" would make it, but yo can be quite creative now can't you? ;)

Go to www.delphigamer.com to see the news post AND/OR www.hiddenagenda.com to get all the info you may need for this contest. There are some guidlines, but I checked them out and all seems fine just give them a good once over to start.

So... who's entering??? :D

24-10-2004, 08:34 AM
there is already a winner? :?

Also i read this on their board: http://forums.hiddenagenda.com/viewtopic.php?t=50&sid=d97d450416bb721e6a7a87f06b573d5c So best not to enter?

24-10-2004, 10:28 AM
there is already a winner? :?

That was last year's contest. Take a better look around the site and you'll see the actual details you need to know.

As for that blurb about the whole thing being some kind of scam... Look at all the people who make freeware games with more effort and get far less. Don't involve some token brand or theme that you will want to make sequals for your own personal gain and you're fine. Besides maybe they'll hire you on for a second project? A lot of companies have that ownership clause, it's common.