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21-11-2004, 03:08 PM
Hi there, about 6-7 months ago i've finished (code) a turn based game.
But the project is halted for now ... no graphics/sound designers.
For now it has only 1 level :( since i have no level designers and no graphics designers (again).
The game is something like Panzer General.
It supports campaing creation via the map editor.
Selection of the start map.
Briefing for the selected map.
Compressed map files.
Some sounds, basic graphics, statistics for the units, stupid and i mean STUPID pathfinding :)
Easy to edit and add anything in the game i.e. graphics, sounds, tiles, music, units etc.

so anyway here is the link to the project's web page:
the download link is :

I really need some graphics designers :)
anyone who wants to draw a unit/tile or two is welcome :)
come to think of it anyone who wants to help with something is wellcome :)

also the game has some issues with some video cards ... flickering on some places. Dunno how to fix it ...

sooo if you decide to try it out write a reply to say how it was or a mail :)