View Full Version : Disappearing DGDev

27-11-2002, 07:52 AM
Apologies to anyone who couldn't access the site yesterday. The host, f2o.org were having a few problems. Here is the latest news from them:

"Still waiting for the official word from Qwest, but I can offer a synopsis of the problem today with f2o.org..

About 8:30am CST, the T1 circuit at our provider(Qwest) which provides our connectivity had to be replaced at the Chicago POP. After troubleshooting for a number of hours with their tech support, the T1 was provisioned to a different circuit which solved the problem.

As to the reason it took so long for them to fix what appeared to be such a simple problem is what I'm still waiting on, 'officially', from them.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience and trouble this caused for many of you... In light of the recent problems we've been having with Qwest, I'm currently looking for alternative providers our bandwidth needs, becuase this kind of service really doesn't reflect how f2o.org wishes to run itself, or be seen by our community and it's supporters.

Will share more when I get it, thanks for your patience on this issue, and feel free to share any thoughts or questions here. "

Hopefully we'll be OK now :roll: