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23-12-2004, 04:39 PM
A beta of the new version of the Graphics32 1.7 library has been released.

Graphics32 is a fast graphics library, optimized for 32-bit pixel formats that provides quick operations with pixels and graphic primitives. It is designed for Delphi and Kylix under CLX. It is not a replacement for OpenGL or DirectX, instead it is a replacement for your standard graphics manipulation objects like TBitmap and TCanvas and in most cases outperforms the standard methods offered by Borland.

You can get more information about Graphics32 at www.graphics32.org/wiki/ ('http://graphics32.org/wiki/')

New Features:
clipping rect support (all safe drawing operations are clipped to a rect)
support for custom polygon fillings (via callback or polygon filler objects)
support for polygon transformation (permanent or while drawing)
update to transformation classes to make them more suited for general usage
polygon performance enhancements
new CombineMode property in TBitmap32
TRubberbandLayer enhancements
additional color algebra functions
more versatile TBitmap32.ResetAlpha method (overloaded)
Delphi 2005 (Win32) support (optional inlining where applicable)
small speed enhancements

fix for RenderText problems with letters that spread below baseline
fix for bug in TBitmap32.Rotate180
fix for problem in TBitmap32.Assign that caused transparent regions in metafiles and icons to appear in blue when they really should be white.
fix for problem where the buffer content on repaint in TPaintBox32 wasn't validated
fix for problem where C++ Builder threw linker errors (HDC methods and "hoisted overload" or E2113) in GR32.pas and GR32_Image.pas
fix for linear/draft bug with bitmaps of size 100x1 et al.
fix for bug in Transform that caused the outline of the source bitmap to appear in OuterColor
fix for the 3DNow detection (caused "external exception" on some machines when sfDraft was used)
fix for CheckParams problem in ApplyLUT
fix to preserve alpha channel in ApplyLUT and ColorToGrayscale