View Full Version : BASS on linux (Laz/FPC) - App won't start

Sascha Willems
05-02-2013, 06:17 AM
Anyone around here that has gotten the BASS sound library to work with Lazarus / FPC on linux? After FMOD dropped Delphi-Support and not being able to find the right fmod package version fitting the windows version I decided to switch over to BASS. It's leightweight and still supports Delphi.

Actually it only took a few minutes to port over from FMOD to BASS and on windows everything is working fine, but as soon as I include th bass.pas header on linux the game won't start anymore. It actually closes so fast that even the debugger can't find an instance of it :( (see attached screenshot).

And it's not even getting to the first line of code, so I can't debug anyhting or step through to the point where it crashes.

I'm currently out of clues and it seems that developing for linux isn't nearly as fun as developing under windows. So I hope you guys can help me out on this problem.

05-02-2013, 07:55 AM
If BASS distribute as .so library, then call in console:

ldd libBASS.so
it will show all dependencies for it, and I think problem is here.

07-06-2013, 07:39 PM
Can you translate message in screenshot? Not everyone understands German (the only word I understand there is Halt).

08-06-2013, 12:19 AM
It would translate to something like this:

the debugger has crashed
save your work

press OK and hope there is a fix for this kinda error