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Feline Witch
13-01-2005, 08:35 PM
Can I develop a pascal game for a console? Like a gamecube or a gameboy?

13-01-2005, 09:53 PM
Check out the FreePascal forum for a discussion about using FreePascal for GBA development.

As for GC development, that's a lot more difficult. I do game development for consoles and the process of getting a game onto a console is quite difficult. We use specialized versions of C++ compilers to build the executables and then you have to link with the console-specific libraries. These libraries are only available to registered developers.

There is some homebrew development going on for consoles, but they are nowhere near the point where they could release a game.

14-01-2005, 12:10 AM
There is an effort, like Sly just said, to get Free Pascal (aka FPC) to be able to compile for GBA. However this work is in the R&D stages at the moment.

For other platforms, you have to take into account what CPU that console uses and does that compiler support or cross-compile for that CPU.

Free Pascal currently supports:

x86, AMD64, Motarolla 64000, ARM and a few select others.

GBA has an ARM7 which has extra instructions from the mainstream ARM CPUs. Game Cube and Playstation 2 have a MIPS processor and Free Pascal doesn't support this one yet.

Don't by any means call it quits on the idea though. FPC is opensource so it is likely that someone modivated enough to do the work can add these platforms in the near future.

BTW, welcome to the site! :)