View Full Version : The FOOGS Invasion

14-01-2005, 05:40 AM
The complete source code for The FOOGS Invasion by out very own William Cairns(aka cairnswm) has been released.

FOOGS was written for the 72 hour Game Development Contest. It finished 11th overall out of 25 entries.

"The source code released includes the latest files for S2DL as well as all additional files for compiling Foogs in FreePascal. It shoudl compile with minimal effort in Delphi as well. It uses SDL as the graphics library and will need JEDI-SDL installed ion the machine."

The source can be downloaded from here ('http://www.cairnsgames.co.za/gdc72/foogssrc.zip') (30KB)

The binaries of the final compiled version can be downloaded from here ('http://www.cairnsgames.co.za/gdc72/foogs.zip') (2.3MB)

"I'm releasing this in the hope it will assist people in getting games developed for the DogFight tournament and this may make it easier for others."

You can visit cairnswm's site and see his other projects at www.cairnsgames.co.za ('http://www.cairnsgames.co.za/')