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22-01-2005, 12:25 AM

paxScript by Alexander Baranovsky, is an interpreter of 4 object-oriented scripting languages; paxBasic, paxC, paxPascal and paxJavaScript.

Key features of the paxScript:
<ul> All pax-languages support such concepts of the modern programming as namespaces, nested classes, inheritance, static(shared) members, indexed properties, default parameters, overloaded routines, operator overloading, delegates, exception handling, regular expressions, conditional compilation. If you know VB.NET, C# or Object Pascal, you are already familiar with paxScript. Cross-language integration. For example, you can use modules written in paxBasic and paxC in your paxPascal scripts and vice versa. Separate compilation of the modules. Direct calling dll-defined routines. All calling conventions register, pascal, cdecl, stdcall, safecall are supported. Embedding scripts into html pages.
"All paxScript languages support LISPPA technology which considerably extends the applicability of imperative programming languages in the symbolic computations and AI applications."

"TPaxScripter component allows to embed paxScript interpreter into your Delphi or Borland C++ Builder application, so you can extend and customize the application without having to recompile it."

For more information on paxScript go to www.paxscript.com ('http://www.paxscript.com/')