View Full Version : Caligari gameSpace v1.6 released

25-01-2005, 11:48 AM
I have owned the trueSpace modeller since version 3.0 and was quite excited when I heard about Caligari's new product gameSpace ('http://www.caligari.com/gamespace/')...

Providing you with a complete and professional game graphics creation platform at an affordable price, gameSpace is designed for individuals who are serious about creating amazing content.

gameSpace is the only graphics authoring software that :

* Supports direct export to the major game engines

* Exports to most major game formats

* Offers an optional level exporter to create and export complete levels

* Offers absolutely everything an individual or game development team needs to create professional quality graphics for games!

For those of you who want to test out the product ( has some restrictions ) before buying, you may want to play with gameSpace Light ('http://www.caligari.com/gamespace/gsl/gsl.asp').