View Full Version : turbo news round up.

30-01-2005, 02:22 PM
The guys over @ turbo ('http://turbo.gamedev.net') have posted some news items that we missed.<br>
Flashpoint Germany released by Matrix Games
Flashpoint Germany, a wargame covering a hypothetical conflict between NATO and the Warsaw Pact in 1989 has just been released by Matrix Games. FPG was written entirely in Delphi 7 with numerous add-on libraries including UnDelphiX. Check it out at www.matrixgames.com ('http://www.matrixgames.com').<br>
<br>The lead developer says...<br>
"I can tell you that without all these wonderful 3rd party libraries, the game would never have shipped in our lifetime. They let me do what I do best and leverage off the development efforts of the rest of the community. The game was better, quicker and priced better because of that."<br>
Lab Technology.NET - new pricing scheme<br>
AdventurerLand Entertainment ('http://www.adventurerland.com/') is starting the New Year off with a new pricing schema. The new pricing model is designed to open new opportunities for independent developers and small companies.<br><br>For new users, pricing has been slashed for Lab Technology.NET Professional from $499 (USD) to only $260 (USD). Registered users receive a FREE upgrade to the upcoming Enterprise version.
If you have any news that is relevant to the Pascal game development community, please let us know as well.