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02-02-2005, 06:57 PM
I have two observations:

:arrow: I think that it should be good if the extended words "pascal game development" appear in the title of the site. This will help us ranking in google.
Now if one searches that words we don't even appear in the first page.. :( It will help spreading i think :P
(Btw that search gives #gameprog-ita, an italian game programming site i worked with some times ago, and the "borland.com" news item about dogfight :P)

:arrow: i'd like to look at some statistics of the site.. are they avaiable somewhere?

03-02-2005, 01:57 AM
Good Suggestion! Mostly named what it is for the purposes of converting people from the whole catchy 'Dev' usage. :P

I've meant to address the whole search engine and meta tag stuff at some point. When I have a bit of time to crack open Dreamweaver I'll make a few tweeks to see about better search results.

Hmm... here is the current Usage Summary for PGD for Dec 04 and Jan 05

03-02-2005, 04:48 AM
i think {MSX} is a little right

03-02-2005, 06:52 AM
umm ? 300.000 visits ?

03-02-2005, 07:22 AM
umm ? 300.000 visits ?

No, those are hits. Every element on a page accounts for one hit.
The number of visits aren't displayed well enough to get a good idea of how many. (the yellow bar top right)
However, with a near 2 gig of bandwidth usage i,d guess visits for this site are around 85~125 people /day