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05-02-2005, 12:42 PM

What is GLFW? OpenGL Framework; It is a library for handling timers and inputs used in most game library suites but for OpenGL. Or in the developer's own words:

"GLFW is a framework intended to help programmers to develop OpenGL applications. The idea is to provide an API (Application Program Interface) that is easy to use, even for an OpenGL beginner writing small programs, yet powerful enough to be used in larger projects."

Supports many languages, compilers and platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The latest version is 2.4.2 released in 2004. Delphi, Visual Basic, GCC and C++ Builder are amoung the supported compilers.

They are gearing up for a 2.5 release as soon as they fix some X11 issues.

Expected features of GLFW 2.5 are:

<ul> glfwWaitEvents() (in addition to glfwPollEvents()) A window close callback function A window refresh callback function Alpha texture support Support for up to eight mouse buttons Better Mac OS X support Support for Lua and D Many bugfixes...[/list]

For GLFW go to glfw.sourceforge.net ('http://glfw.sourceforge.net/')!

http://glfw.sourceforge.net/screenshots/triangle.jpg ('http://glfw.sourceforge.net/screenshots/triangle.jpg')