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06-02-2005, 03:15 PM
As this is my firt post in this forum, i'd like to present myself.
Name: Eugene
Location: Argentina
Age: 18
known Lengages: Pascal as I use it and have an idea aboute C/Cpp
Hoby: Codding
Site: www.iespana.es/eugenioenko ...sorry, it's just in spanish

Aboute my proyect:
State: Pre Alpha
Compiler used: Delphi
Librery: UnDelphiX
Resolution: 640x480x16 FullScreen and Windowed
Graphics: Actually they are mine. (a friend will help with them)

Here some pics:

There is an agly demo but you can play it, Download here:http://www.iespana.es/eugenioenko/progs/SpaceShotter.rar
Shot: X
Missle: Z
Move: Arrows Up, Down, Left, Right;

Any comment is welcome.
PD> in the first 3 seconds in the game its very slow becouse it does not have eny presentation where I can load all the stuff