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17-02-2005, 06:30 PM
lol well i guess my post was one of those to vanish :roll:
any way in the last one i had a few screenies of my lightmapping engine, but due to my website going down i have set up a new one:
and the images can be located at:

I writen the site in a few days (of what time i had free) so there might be some bugs :) but hopfuly there should'nt be too many :roll:

Let me know what you think..

20-02-2005, 08:35 PM
Hi all,

I have finally managed to get enough time to get some more screenshots done, mostly of my editors including: Actor editor, Particle system editor, Pak editor and Font designer, most of these editors are still in development. I will hopfully release downloads of them soon.

At the moment im working hard on my GUI, so hopfully will get a working beta release of XShell :D.

I have also written a short description of XShell on my website, this is only a brief description until i have time to update and convert my documents :)

Does any one have any information on the differences between unix, win32 and mac file systems and if there is any pascal resources for each and possably emulators for mac and unix?

25-02-2005, 03:11 PM
What do you want to know about Unix filesystems ?
Unix(Linux, MAC, BSD, ...) unlike windows are case sensitive so you can have img.jpg, Img.jpg and IMG.jpg in the same director, *nix filesystem doesn't have drives and separators are slashes not backslashes.
Parameters for executables are given using dash not slash like win and dos.
/usr/share/ is a valid Linux path for example, /mnt/floppy is the standard path for a floppy but it can be changed, *nix executables don't have icons and resources, they are usually assigned to a *.desktop file wich is like a shortcut, Linux uses many links to point to various lib versions, you should always check permissions in a Linux filesystem.
Emulators... sure you have wine, cedega(winex) and wmware, i'm not sure if you have them for MAC.
In Linux you have many filebrowsers wich do not share a common engine so i think you best option would be to make another one instead of interfacing each file browser and set your own file associations, maybe import them from existing browsers.

08-03-2005, 02:07 PM
What do you want to know about Unix filesystems ?
Urm, at the moment my configuration contains the directory information, e.g. 'C:\Program Files\XShell\', so i'l need functions to extract the directory of the application and to format it to the OS.

The only information i really need from a file is its filename, extension, created and modified dates, and with exe files the version information, i dont know if unix or other OSs application files will have version information??

Im aware that unix is case sensitive, the majority of my application will be case sensitive.

I'l also need code that will detect when external drives (floppy, cd, etc) are attached and have a medium inserted.

I used to have mandrake installed, but due to some virus i had on windows i had to wipe the drive.

My application doesnt really need icon or resource informaion because my application will have themed icons and models used to represent the files, etc.
I have a list of extensions with an icon and model index if not found then another model and icon index is used to represent an unknown extension.

Iv heard of wine, but i thought it was a win32 emulator for linux?
I just really need an emulator so i can test if the filesystem works with the other OSs?!

12-03-2005, 11:44 AM
Hi all,

I have decided to write a DLL library to use to collect the file information so it will be easy later on to support more OSs.

I use TSearchRec to collect the files and folders in a selected directory, then use File and FileSize, also some functions in JCL to get the basic information from each file (Created, Last accessed) are these functions supported by FreePascal and/or other operating systems?

Also i need to know how to extract network information, (including computers name, etc) aswell as the file system of that system.
If the other system is running a different OS how can i detect this to use another library?