View Full Version : Free Pascal 1.9.8

26-02-2005, 08:20 AM
Just released is Free Pascal Compiler 1.9.8! (aka 2.0 RC2) It seems like the 2.0 release will be here rather soon as the releases closely approach a final 2.0.0 figure. ;)

Some of whats new in this release:
<ul> SysV style syscalls added for MorphOS Exportable macros for mode MacPas Support procvar declaration in parameters for mode MacPas Give warning if code is never executed in while/if statements Directive {$COPERATORS ON} added, synomym for -Sc Check for uninitialzed from and to values in for-loop statement -Fa<unit> option added to load units in a program before the uses statement is parsed -vz for output to stderr Better support for unique types AfterConstruction/BeforeDestruction behaviour is now compatible with Delphi Better support for Widestring Removed {$THREADING ON} directive, threading support is always available Improved code generation on Sparc Lot of small bugs and compatibility fixes[/list]

Free Pascal is available at www.freepascal.org ('http://www.freepascal.org/')