View Full Version : PIAF v1.14

03-03-2005, 06:36 AM
PIAF or PIAF Is Almost Fozzy, is a PalmOS based IDE for the PP Compiler that runs on the PalmOS. Philippe Guillot, creator of both tools, has released a new version, 1.14.

<table><tr><td class='newsContent'>New in this version:
<ul> fix keyboard issue on Treo 6x0 fix keyboard issue for use in Emulator or Simulator (separate compilation, by Laurent Duveau) support T3 and T5 DIA and landscape mode (by Farcaller) support T5 5-way navigator implemented basic undo (last operation only) Hi Res icons (by Thierry Cabuzel) support for iziBasic 5.0 keywords (by Laurent Duveau)[/list]</td><td>http://ppcompiler.free.fr/img/piafizibasic.gif</td></tr></table>

You can get PIAF and the PP Compiler at ppcompiler.free.fr ('http://ppcompiler.free.fr/?lng=en')!