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17-03-2005, 08:07 PM
im working on my menu builder and ive stumbled across a problem, everything was working well until i tryed to add a combo box

this is the code to add some controls

Control := CDXUTStatic.Create(Dialog);
(Control as CDXUTStatic).SetLocation(SpinEdit1.Value, SpinEdit2.Value);
(Control as CDXUTStatic).SetSize(SpinEdit3.Value, SpinEdit4.Value);
(Control as CDXUTStatic).Text := StrToPWideChar(Edit1.Text);
(Control as CDXUTStatic).Default := CheckBox1.Checked;

Dialog.AddControl(Control as CDXUTStatic);
strType := 'Label';
Result := True;

Control := CDXUTButton.Create(Dialog);
(Control as CDXUTButton).SetLocation(SpinEdit1.Value, SpinEdit2.Value);
(Control as CDXUTButton).SetSize(SpinEdit3.Value, SpinEdit4.Value);
(Control as CDXUTButton).Text := StrToPWideChar(Edit1.Text);
(Control as CDXUTButton).Default := CheckBox1.Checked;

Dialog.AddControl(Control as CDXUTButton);
strType := 'Button';
Result := True;

(just to give you an example), that code works fine and the control (CDXUTControl) is added to the dialog fine.

however the following code doesnt work

Control := CDXUTComboBox.Create(Dialog);
(Control as CDXUTComboBox).SetLocation(SpinEdit1.Value, SpinEdit2.Value);
(Control as CDXUTComboBox).SetSize(SpinEdit3.Value, SpinEdit4.Value);
(Control as CDXUTComboBox).Default := CheckBox1.Checked;

for iLoop:=0 to Memo1.Lines.Count -1 do
(Control as CDXUTComboBox).AddItem(StrToPWideChar(Memo1.Lines[ iLoop]), nil);

Dialog.AddControl(Control as CDXUTComboBox);
strType := 'Combo Box';
Result := True;

the access violation is in UpdateRects on line pFontNode := DXUTGetGlobalDialogResourceManager.GetFontNode(m_E lements[2].iFont); (in the setlocation)

ive got, labels, buttons, check boxes, radio buttons working fine so far, this is the first one to crash.

any ideas?

18-03-2005, 07:53 PM
Why are you not using "AddComboBox"?
Theoretically, just by exploring source code and waching for differences your implementation of "AddComboBox" lacks "Result := InitControl(pControl);"