View Full Version : nVidia Cg Toolkit 1.3 Update for Delphi

18-03-2005, 02:41 AM
Clootie comes through again for us with an update to his Delphi and C++ Builder port of nVidia's Cg Toolkit library. Which was recently updated to version 1.3 in January.

What is it?

"NVIDIA Cg is high level C-like language for writing pixel and vertex shaders.
Delphi/C++Builder toolkit allows to use this language internaly in your programs either in DirectX or OpenGL. Cg programs are compiled internally in PixelShader/VertexShader programs under DirectX and to register combiners and VertexPrograms under OpenGL. This behaviour allows to use NVIDIA Cg language in DirectX 8.x applications on any DX8 class GPU - like ATi Radeon 8500, SiS Xabre, Matrox Parhelia, 3DLabs P10, ets. And now for DirectX9 class cards: Radeon 95xx/X800 and GeForceFX, GeForce6 series!"

For more information about this project visit Clootie's site ('http://clootie.narod.ru/Projects/nvidia_cg.html')!