View Full Version : BaseGraph Pascal and CaradNext

20-03-2005, 05:02 PM
Martin Waldegger has made some recent updates to his BaseGraph Pascal and CaradNext development tools.

Whats new:
<ul> fixed a problem with some video cards changing the video mode after creating OpenGL rendering context various bug fixes to CaradNext and BGP both should run more stable and interaction is easier[/list]

"BaseGraph Pascal is a compiler/IDE combination which uses Object Pascal to unify the power of OpenGL and Open Dynamics Engine <small>(aka ODE) under it's hood. BGP uses the BaseGraph scene graph for this task, as well as an easy framework with sound and windowing functions. BGP is freeware and aims to be an easy entry in the world of OpenGL programming, without sacrificing the usefulness of the learned processes, since the generated code would work in Delphi with very little changes."</small>

"Carad is an application enabling you to design your code, instead of typing it."


Both the CaradNext suite and BaseGraph Pascal standalone are available at www.basegraph.com ('http://www.basegraph.com/')!