View Full Version : C5 Hacks, Attacks and Hoaxes

07-05-2005, 05:35 AM
Well it seems that C5 Software, authors of the up-coming RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world, FutureScape, has lately been the unfortunate victum of a series of hacker-related problems.

Just thie last week, their forums were hacked. The system that replaces all the naughty words with happier, friendlier alternatives was used to really screw with it. However it has been fixed and is functioning normally now.

Also there seems to be a series of emails going around asking for your personal information. C5 clearly states that these ARE NOT from them nor will they ever ask for any such information. In fact if you do receive an email that you are unsure of they ask that you send an email to james@c5hosting.co.uk ('james@c5hosting.co.uk') instead and verify that it is authentic. These domains are said to be used in the false emails; c5hosting.co.uk, c5software.co.uk and c5technology.co.uk.

Read more about C5 Software and FutureScape at www.c5software.co.uk ('http://www.c5software.co.uk/')!