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01-07-2005, 10:05 PM
Ok here is a joke that my ship's XO told us all once durring a day when the whole ship's company went for trainning.

This french fighter pilot takes his girlfriend to a little picnic. They find a nice grassy spot with a huge tree and a small pond and noone would be around to disturb them.

Well he pours his girlfriend a glass of wine then fills his own glass. Suddenly he then throws his glasses contents into her face. "Ack!" she shouts "whats wrong with you Renaurd?!" So he says "Baby, I'm a fighter pilot and when I kiss a woman and I taste her lips, I like to taste red wine." Well she she thinks ok thats a bit weird, but it's also kinda cute so on goes the picnic...

After a while they refill their glasses again. This time he throws his glass onto her chest. "Ack!" again she shouts "Renaurd what are you doing?" To this he replies "Baby, I'm a fighter pilot and when I kiss white meat, I like to taste red wine." Well again she thinks this is odd, but also kind of sexy so she lets it pass and goes on with the picnic.

After a short while again they fill their glasses, but this time he pours his glass into her lap. "Ack!" she shouts again but this time he then lights a match and lights her on fire. Well she starts screaming and runs to the pond and jumps in putting out the flames. "Renaurd what the HELL are you doing?!" He responds "Baby, I'm a fighter pilot and when I go down, I go down in flames."

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i will say it with the same "words":


really funny