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22-08-2005, 02:05 PM
Greetings everyone.

As I'm not totally noob with pascal game development, I just found this site today.

For a bit of info about myself: I'm a math student in Helsinki University, Finland and I'm been keen on developing games with Pascal (Turbo Pascal) and Delphi since I was kid. My eternityproject is an adventure game, which I will someday complete. (yeah right)

But anyhow, it is good to know there are still people, who developes games with pascal.

I would like to have comments and feedback on my current project, Bogusdeck, which is made with Delphi, DelphiX and GLScene.


(Sorry about bad website - i'm not an artist)

23-08-2005, 08:22 AM
Welcome to the PGDev. You'll be welcomed by all here I'm sure. Sounds like your Eternity project is aptly named. What's it about? Your card game looks pretty cool, didn't have time to check the demo though. Maybe when I got a bit more time.

23-08-2005, 08:41 PM

Yeah.. I guess my eternity project's should be changed to "Eternity Project" (I haven't actually figured out what I'm going to call it)

It's classic adventure game where you control a dog which is an agent of multinational secret service of dogs and it tries to prevent catz from taking over the world. Yes, it is bit of naive, but hey: eternity project is an eternity project. I have been developing it for 6-7 years and started it over like.. 20 times. I wasn't so creative with plot when I was kid. Now it sounds rather stupid, but dreams must come true!

I remember the times when the graphics was controlled by TImage and moving character was done with image.position := image.position + 3; style. geesh.. Lot I have learnt from those days.

But anyhow.. Too bad you didn't have time to test Bogudeck, and btw it's not demo. It's fully functional. Hope you have time sometimes, or others engourages to test it.

23-08-2005, 09:21 PM
Welcome :)

For the "Eternity Project" I'm not so sure it's so stupid really. There are movies and cartoons out there with the same concept.

The "Cats and Dogs" movie http://catsanddogsmovie.warnerbros.com/cmp/main.html

And there is a cartoon that sorta is something like what you described http://spydogs.cjb.net/

So it can't be that stupid ;)

I tested BogusDeck (Solitaire) and it looks fine, I have 2 comments though, here the cards seems abit blurry in the game. It was kinda annoying to my eyes. And a double-click on card to get it up on the piles on the top would be nice (I'm apparently used to some MS-thingy :twisted: ).

I like the Poker idea though, so I'm looking forward to your progress. Are you going to add more games to it?

23-08-2005, 09:37 PM
Hello Rahakasvi,

Welcome to a board :). I'm from Finland too, Nastola to be exact (terve vaan ;)). I also have been programming games with Delphi for a sometime now (started a way before I registered here at PGD), but I haven't achived anything "special" to mention (yet ;)). Just some own experimentals and so on.

I use Delphi daily at my work for the databases and some other applications. At home I use to hobby with Delphi and DirectX (mainly) to program my own little experiments. Lately I hasn't have time todo that so often I wanted to (new house, a son, marriage :roll: and so on.), but I'm trying to.

By the way. Just remembered a one thing about your nick name here (for the other people here. "Rahakasvi" means "money plant" when it's translated to english language). Anyway, did you know that the Enter magazine is offering 1000 euros for the best game that is send to there before 10-17-2005? You could send that your card game. It looks promising. Here's the url http://www.enterlehti.fi/kilpa.shtml

24-08-2005, 04:55 AM
Is the contest open to anyone or only developers from Finland?

Could you translate the contest page you linked to for us if anyone can put in an entry?

24-08-2005, 08:26 AM
Eriken, about the Eternity Project, yes I know there are some projects using same consept.. So if I made the project real, everyone should compare it to those movies and cartoons. Well.. if not stupid, it's at least used.

Thanks for testing Bogusdeck. As a matter of fact, that card blurry thing is quite true. There weren't any problems when I used microsofts card ripoff from cards.dll, but currently the cards are scanned with high resolution images. Guess those have too little contrast? I need to check that.

And for the doubleclick thingy, it seems I have totally forgotten to make support for doubleclick entry for script.

Of course I'm going to add new games. But why there are only Solitaire and Poker now? Solitaire demonstrate singleplayer and Poker multiplayer potency. If I had more games during develop, I would had to update all those games when I came up new upgrades. So this lessens my work.

I hope Bogusdeck will someday support every card game there is ;) Thanks for feedback!

FusionWolf (teree) Thanks for the link. Actually I was not aware of that! I could really use some little extra pocketmoney. Maybe I send it there October. That gives me time to tweak the game.

cairnswm, there are no mention that the contest would be only Finnish developers, so I guess you could join.

If I have time latter this day, I could make translation.

Btw. if anyone did read this post this far, I'm giving you a hint that you could check "Config/config.cfg" to customize Bogusdeck how you like it.

24-08-2005, 09:24 AM
Thanks - I love entering contests and if this one doesn;t have any restrictions on language, theme etc I'd love to do an entry :)

24-08-2005, 02:03 PM
Rough translation from http://www.enterlehti.fi/kilpa.shtml

Programming contest 2005

Enter announces to all it's readers open game programming contest, which award is 1000 euros. The rules of competition are following:

1) One can attend to contest with game, which works in Finnish version of Windows XP Home

2) The genre of game is liberal. One can enter to the contest for instance adventure, action, or role playing game. The editorial staff of Enter Magazine values good playability and compelling implementation.

3) There are no limitations with how the game is made. One can use for instance CoolBasic and Gamemaker programs to create game, but also games made with other way will be noticed.

4) Games, which are about to enter to the contest, must be delivered before 10-17-2005 with CD-Rom to the address: Enter, Ohjelmointikilpailu, Esterinportti 1, FIN-00015 Kuvalehdet.

5) It is allowed to enter to the contest as invidual developer or developer team.

6) The editorial staff of Enter Magazine will choose from sent games the best, and the maker of the game will be awarded with 1000 euros reward. If there are more than one, the amount will be splitted between all makers. From the reward will be taken normal withholding tax as tax deduction card declares.

7) By attending to the contest, makers are giving to the Yhtyneet Kuvalehdet permission to share all sent games freely without any fee in the CD Roms of Enter Magazine or in the website of magazine. The editorial staff will choose which projects will be shared.

8) With the attending game there must be written proofment that developer has all copyrights (or permission of copyright holder) to use or share the games source, graphics, sound and other elements. The proofment sample can be found in the www.enterlehti.fi/malli.rtf

25-08-2005, 04:14 AM
Thanks for the Translation. It seems clear that anyone can enter and there are no restrictions on the format or genre of the game.

Not sure I can do something by then but I might try expand on one of my existing games instead :)

25-08-2005, 01:14 PM
Hi again.

Unfortunately the link won't work for now, because it's my friends server and he upgraded his dsl connection and of course things started to go wrong then.

I would have updated new version with less-blurred card graphics, and few menu bugs. (Don't try to Join game, then cancel and join again)

Actually I did have another thing in mind. Would there be anyone interested in creating card games for Bogusdeck? If so, please look at Games subfolders for examples how games are made, and if you have any questions, I am willing to answer them here. Also the most feedback I would need is feature reguests. Thanks.

cairnswn, your welcome. Now I hope that your game doesn't beat my entry :D

ps. There was a mistake in the translation. The game was requested to work in Windows XP Home! Not Windows Xp in general. That is weird I think. But on the other hand, quite logical also. Most of the readers of the Enter magazine are not professionals, rather regular home users. Sorry.. :P

25-08-2005, 01:50 PM
I'm doing also a little game for that contest, but I'm not sure if I can make it before the deadline. That's because I'm going back to the army for the refresher course - again (this is a fourth time in a last 5 years actually :?). I'll be there one week at the septemper, so it's makes my programming schedule really busy and I have to leave all multiplayer capabilities a side which I was already planned to do. But I can allways take my laptop with me and code whenever I have opportunity to do so :P .