View Full Version : Licencing a GameBoy Advance game with Nintendo!

27-08-2005, 05:14 PM
You know... the second part of our goal in FPC 4 GBA is to help get an actual game made commercial. Prehaps we can think of ideas based on that?

I know it can be a feat, but really... it's not impossible or even improbable... It's just not easy to do.

But I think with enough coaxing (towards Nintendo) and a few interested parties(developers here that have already shown their great skills at making games), AND there ARE interested parties. ;) It can be done eventually.

Maybe with community donations it could be a way to help build up the capital for licencing the game to get produced. But the game will have to be GOOD and it will have to be FUN. But I have no doubts that this is entirely within the realm of possability, esp. with the kind of tallent that comes through PGD.