View Full Version : Project Omega Beta 04 is out!

07-11-2002, 03:24 AM
I have just released a new version of my team's delphi directX components. Come take a look at


Thanks, any and all comments are welcome.

hopefully we can take over the delphiX crowd soon ;)

07-11-2002, 08:21 AM
Keep up the good work Bobby! Pretty soon, you'll be overtaking DelphiX as the Delphi games set of choice. All that's required now, probably, is some good documentation (rather than the "All your base" style 'Engrish' of DelphiX)!

P.S. I looked at your iso example project on the site a few weeks ago. I think that there are probably too many multiplies in the main loop. You can do iso tiles simply using addition, since each tile is the same width apart from the next one.

e.g. slightly unrelated but to get the gist:

for ...
do_stuff_for x * 32;

could be written without the multiplications:

tile_x = 0;
for ...
do_stuff_for tile_x
inc(tileX, 32)

If you changed this, the iso project would probably go a bit faster.