View Full Version : Using OmegaSound together with Audiere

09-02-2006, 07:00 AM

I still have one huge problem left with my current project.

I am using OmegaSound for playing the Sound in the Game, Wav files with positioning. No problem.

I am using OGG files played via Audiere for Speech and Music. No problem.

Every file Wav or OGG has a Line in an INI file where the sound-specific volume is set. So if one sound is too loud the volume of that sound is decreased a bit, works perfect.

I can also set a user volume by using the Config.exe (saves in an User-INI) or in the games options (not saved)

Then I calculate the volume of each sound by the uservolume and the soundvolume. Works also perfect if user-volume is around 80 (my default).

But if I set the user-value to a lower value, the Wav with Omega-Sound are much more silent, the Ogg Speech played with Audiere nearly stays the same.

Both are different in their volume! I tried some formula to get the OGG Speech always as load as OmegaSound but don't get it.

Any ideas how to solve that problem, both are equal no matter what user-volume I have?