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03-04-2006, 04:25 PM
If you plan to allow mobile gamers to download and play your mobile games from your site, you need to ensure that your web-server recognizes and returns the correct MIME type to the requesting mobile phone...

Configuring the server for JAD and JAR MIME types

Before you can use a server for OTA Provisioning, it must be configured to recognize the correct MIME types for JAR and JAD files.

* The MIME type for a JAR file is application/java-archive.
* The MIME type for the JAD file is text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor. This specifies the default character set to use (UTF-8) to convert the JAD file from its transport format to the correct MIDP Unicode-encoding.

For example,

* If you are using the Tomcat server delivered with JBuilder,
1. Find the file web.xml in the Tomcat install 'conf' sub-directory ( <JBuilder7_home>\jakarta-tomcat-4.0.3\conf).
2. Put the following lines in the section "Default MIME Type Mappings":


* If you are using an Apache server,
1. Find the file mime.types in the Apache install 'conf' sub-directory (<Apache>\conf\.)
2. Specify the JAD and JAR MIME types in the file as follows:
# MIME type Extension
application/java-archive jar
text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor jad

See your specific server documentation for directions on specifying MIME type configuration.