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04-05-2006, 05:18 PM
There has been a lot of concern as to the 'What is a level?' issue. And though I think that I have answered it many ways at several times, but all with the same idea in mind. And that is what we will be looking for to award points for the level specific goals. I'll explain...

When writing up the rules, by 'Level' I meant a specific layout of enviroment for the player to reside in. However I obviously was very general with the term in my explaination. SO... I'm happy with some flexability on this issue, but you at least have to make it convincing as a segment of gameplay in which the player resides.

Ways you could convincingly 'Level-ize' you game:

1) On reaching an 'end to a level', fade to black then back to the game screen --maybe even warping the character up a bit to give the impression that you have entered an entirely new area or map-- and showing via fancy text 'Stage 2: Whereever The Hell You Are Now'. That would tell me 'oh hey, I'm not in Kansas anymore... I must be in a new level.'

2) After completing a mission you pop up your 'Stage 2' title and with it, a set of instructions via a sort of 'mission briefing' style. This gives the impression that you have completed the first part of the game. Even more convincing if you cover up or add a visual 'erase' of the game screen to portray a new segment of gameplay.

3) Add a series of Zones or borders that player cannot go back to. If they are done with a level they don't need to go back. This in conjunction with a 'Level 2' and/or 'Level 1 Complete' messages, will go a long long way to show your progression through a sort of segmenting system of working through the game.

These are just some ideas to get you thinking in this frame of mind. If your game can make a convincing distinction from one 'level' in your game to the next 'level', especially in a visual way, you will most likely get the points. It can be as simple as a fade to and from black and a couple of simple onscreen text messages in some cases.

04-05-2006, 07:09 PM
Thanks WILL, for reviving the subject again as my own thread appears to have gone silent.
I believe I have explained the workings of my game enough allready, but in short, it comes down to the fact that there can be no changing of maps in my game, as it would affect gameplay in a negative way.

Taking your three options as boundaries to what defines a level, the second option comes the closest to what I have. I do have to make a few minor adjustments as there is no title, only a short message, telling the player to get ready. A visual 'erase' is however not an option. I'm opting for a few other alterations though, but time is limited.

04-05-2006, 07:35 PM
Those are just some ideas that would work, not all. If you have others that you can do, go for it, just kep to the idea that the player thinks, feels and is probably told that he is in a new level.

From what I have read, I kinda like what you've done in gameplay concept. It's neat.

But honestly how hard would it be to fade the screen to black for a brief moment to give the impression of a transition after each level or 'wave' in your game? Maybe a 'Level 2' message and a simple sound effect too? (like a military drumroll or trumpet)

You don't actually have to change your game's gameplay at all, just add in an interlude that represents the new level transition.

Just thoughts and suggestions for you, I'm sure you can come up with something good. ;)