View Full Version : Some newbye questions about MIDletpascal

10-05-2006, 09:26 PM
I have tried this compiler 6 months ago, and think that it is great but is missing features.
I have some questions and according to ansvers will have to choose between MIDletPascal or Java.

1) Does it provide API to manage telephone calls, conversations? I think not.
2) TPC / UDP sockets support?
3) GPRS / EDGE support? (establishing connections, send or receive data)
4) Audio control? Recording memos, playback files, network streams?

As I am NOT and mobile phone developer and I am not familliar with all the Java functionality
please someone that has more experience to point me into the right direction.
Should I spent time and learn Java for serious mobile development, or this is possible to be done in Pascal? Do you know what is the roadmap for MIDletPascal? Their site seems to offer very little information.