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10-03-2003, 09:14 PM
I'm starting to work with PowerDraw, but as I only worked before with DelphiX, I have "natural" question..

Why use VTDb to load graphics and then load them into the ImageList instead of loading the image directly from a file (without VTDb) in bmp or jpg (whatever)??
(The same aplies when loading fonts as I saw).

What is VTDb really for??

11-03-2003, 08:57 PM
Greetings... VTDb is a special file format which uses LZS77/LZW compression and 64-bit blowfish encryption to store the graphics used in PowerDraw and its stores it in format which is easy converted to any texture format specified at run-time, which means it's much better to load all images from VTDb directly to image list instead of loading them from .BMPs or .TGAs. Oh, and VTDb means Vector-Texture Database :wink:

11-03-2003, 09:31 PM
Greetings :)
Thank you. But you also can load any file in the TVTDb can't you? (As I supose, if you set a password, none can access the information in it, am I right?)

Jeje, I've been working a bit with PowerDraw and I finally like it very much (thouhg it's a bit hard).

Only one more thing, will the final version of PowerDraw have a "SpriteEngine"?

12-03-2003, 03:46 AM
Greetz.. yes you can load and save files and other data to/from VTDb. And yes, PowerDraw final will have sprite engine (= TObjectEngine + TParticleEngine).