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18-12-2018, 10:25 PM
Hi people, meshmolder is a sculpting and painting software in object pascal.

Ñuño Martínez
20-12-2018, 05:41 PM
Hello Meshmolder. Welcome.

Nice project. May be you can talk us about it creating a thread in the "Projects" section. :)

22-12-2018, 04:34 AM
Welcome Meshmolder!
I second Ñuño Martínez for his suggestion! ;)

28-12-2018, 02:43 AM
Welcome KhuchKhana! :)

29-12-2018, 09:48 AM
Sorry, from my bad English, I'm French.

Hello from Meaux, in Ile-de-France, not far from Paris.

Old Delphi user, since version 1, it seems to me.

Enjoy reading and participating.

29-12-2018, 10:07 PM
Salut et bienvenue sur le forum! ;) Hi and welcome on this forum!

06-01-2019, 03:51 PM
@rossi Welcome to PGD!

10-01-2019, 11:59 PM
Welcome to the club rossi! :D

16-01-2019, 02:44 PM
New memeber interested in game development.

13-02-2019, 09:11 PM
I am new to this site, I want to learn more about Pascal and Pascal Game Development. It's a friend who told me about this site. I am delighted to be a member of this site.

17-02-2019, 08:26 PM

08-03-2019, 06:36 PM
Just saying hi to get approved.

So... Hi to all!

13-03-2019, 08:45 AM
hello all members I am newbie here...

22-03-2019, 05:53 PM
Hi, this is my first post. I am very interested in game development: image, video and audio (MIDI in particular) elaboration in Object Pascal.


21-04-2019, 02:19 AM
Welcome to PGD to all the newbies since January! :)

29-04-2019, 05:22 AM
new member

10-06-2019, 05:16 PM
Hello everyone

13-06-2019, 05:09 AM
Hello all,
I'm programming in Pascal for over 25 years now. Started in Turbo Pascal, switched to Delphi 5 and now I'm at Delphi Ria (10.3).
Developing a tool to easily assemble our rollercoasters from scratch took a lot of time. Drawing lines and circles on a canvas...

Now I'm starting to develop a robot simulation program to help our engineers in visualizing the production process. Starting of in the complete new world of GLScene! First I want to build an engine that feels comfortable viewing from every site of the model. After that the manipulation of the model.


13-06-2019, 06:16 AM
Hello all!

13-06-2019, 07:05 AM

Dilan Rona
17-06-2019, 06:23 AM
Hoping to get some answers here for a problem I am having for some time, and nothing works.

Unable to get freepascal and lua to play along, and as much as I want to use pascal, if i cannot get it to work, i will have to learn c in order to do what i need to do.


Dilan Rona
17-06-2019, 04:12 PM
Need help to get freepascal and lua to work together. Since the first post, I managed to get freepascal to load lua. Now I am trying to load a freepascal module using lua. I know it can be done using C either way, and I managed to get half way so far with fpc.

Dilan Rona
18-06-2019, 07:32 AM
hello there.

14-07-2019, 03:34 PM
Hi everybody.
My name is Maximiliano, im from Argentina.
My english is poor, but hope can you understand me.

Ñuño Martínez
15-07-2019, 09:32 AM
Hello, new people. I hope you'll make great games. :)

19-07-2019, 04:31 AM
hello there! welcome. no one will judge you for your poor english 8).

15-08-2019, 01:25 AM
Cut my pascal teeth on Borland Turbo Pascal 5.x-ish, spent a few decades in IT doing everything but coding for a living. Getting long in the tooth now and been toying with the idea of moving back into coding. Been toying with Delphi and Lazarus for the last few weeks trying to refresh my long defunct memory. :-) Also considering getting more into full stack web dev since I have some experience with JavaScript, but I love the power and flexibility of compiled languages and was very happy to see that pascal still has an active community (considering its age and newer languages that are trying to hammer more nails into the coffins of the old school languages {COBOL will live forever lol}). Look forward to getting to know everyone. Happy coding. :-[

15-08-2019, 12:28 PM
but I love the power and flexibility of compiled languages and was very happy to see that pascal still has an active community (considering its age and newer languages that are trying to hammer more nails into the coffins of the old school languages {COBOL will live forever lol})

Welcome to PGD!
While Pascal is an old language you will quickly find out that new pascal dialects like Delphi and FeePascal actually have tons of new features that you can also see in other modern languages like, Wide Strings (UniCode string support,) Advanced Reference Counting (mainly for mobile platforms in Delphi), Enumerations (for in loops) Generics, Multiple Inheritance, Inline variable declaration (newest Delphi versions) and more.
So getting back from Turbo Pascal era will require you to learn a lot of new things. But don't let this discourage you. If you loved Turbo Pascal I'm sure you will at lest like modern Pascal dialects. There still isn't a thing that you could do in other languages but could not do in modern Pascal Dialects.

By the way we also have Discord server (Athena's Pad (https://discord.gg/HnNpCxG)) set up so feel free to join us there. There is more activity there as it is here on the site.

08-10-2019, 10:31 PM
Hello there!

29-10-2019, 01:14 AM

Elio Baresi
04-11-2019, 08:53 AM
Hi all

I am new to this forum. Hope I can learn some new stuff and share my humble knowledge with you.
By reading comments, I am glad that the users are friendly and the forum is open to any type of question.

09-11-2019, 09:06 AM
NOT "new", but new to GameDev.

22-11-2019, 11:18 PM
Hello everyone.
My name is casanova I am new to this forum, and I am delighted to be a member. I want to know more about Pascal and the development of Pascal games. I hope I can learn a lot.

29-11-2019, 12:19 AM
Hello :)

29-11-2019, 03:47 AM
Hi All,
Looking to learn about programming games with pascal. Seems like it will be a lot of fun, looking forward to it!!

Ñuño Martínez
08-12-2019, 04:42 PM
Hello new people.

03-01-2020, 12:17 PM
hi everyone nice to join

18-01-2020, 07:57 PM
Hello everyone!

02-03-2020, 11:28 AM
Hello everyone!

Hello and welcome

20-03-2020, 07:18 PM

23-03-2020, 07:44 PM
Hello everyone!

27-03-2020, 10:37 AM

03-04-2020, 04:02 AM
Hello everyone, I'm a Chinese. So, my English is poor :(
Well, I'm so happy that I can find a community of freepascal, because there are very few communities like this in China.

09-04-2020, 08:21 PM
Hello everyone, I'm a Chinese. So, my English is poor :(
Well, I'm so happy that I can find a community of freepascal

20-04-2020, 07:32 AM
Hello everybody,

New guy here.
My name is Dennis and I am developing Sprite DLight (http://www.2deegameart.com/p/sprite-dlight.html), a tool for game developers that makes it easy to use dynamic lighting by generating normal maps for sprites automatically.
It's beeing developed in Lazarus / FPC, so it will be available for Win, Mac and Linux.
Looking forward to being a member of this community.

06-05-2020, 09:08 AM
Hello, my name is Vlad. I am interested in Game Development and hope to find here something new and interesting :).

Ñuño Martínez
13-05-2020, 09:24 AM

26-05-2020, 05:50 PM
Hello :D

30-05-2020, 10:26 AM
Is this forum closed?

Ñuño Martínez
31-05-2020, 12:35 PM

No, it isn't. Just ask or talk and somebody will answer for sure.

11-06-2020, 07:55 AM
Hello everyone, I am new here)

24-07-2020, 10:26 AM
Hello, I'm new here, nice to meet you all, thank you!

27-07-2020, 12:27 AM
Hi there

28-07-2020, 02:06 AM

29-07-2020, 03:01 AM
I am new here, I hope that I could learn more from you guys. Thanks.

Ñuño Martínez
30-07-2020, 11:11 AM
Hello new people.

21-08-2020, 03:00 PM
Dear Chairpeople at this site!

I arrived here when I looked for Pascal and a modern OpenGL. The version used in the fine book by Jon Q. Jacobs is what I have used up to now.

Hopefully you allow me to enter.


24-09-2020, 07:13 AM
hello fellas

14-10-2020, 11:01 AM
Have been reading the forum for a while finally decided to sign up.
Glad to be a part of the community.

14-10-2020, 09:06 PM

Ñuño Martínez
17-10-2020, 04:57 PM
Hello new people.

15-11-2020, 04:31 PM
Hello, never learnt programming before but started because I want to learn to become a game developer.
Hope you can help me out!

Ñuño Martínez
22-11-2020, 11:43 AM
Welcome Scaf. :)

27-11-2020, 03:05 PM
Hello Everyone

15-12-2020, 12:23 PM
Does anyone know the physics engine for Delphi FMX?

15-12-2020, 02:11 PM
I have been writing programs for 28 years
I started programming with Gw-Bisc in DOS, then moved on to Turbo C and learned at Pascal University.
I went to Delphi for Windows programming.
I wrote several games in DOS, but in Delphi I worked mostly on databases and tools
Now I have decided to write a game with Delphi. I have written a few simple games with FMX, but this tool is not enough
This link is my last work


Sorry, my English is bad!

15-12-2020, 09:03 PM
Does anyone know the physics engine for Delphi FMX?

Which version od Delphi do you have?
Latest few versions come with samples that make use of third-party Box2D physics engine. As far as I know Box2D is compatible with all platforms that Delphi supports (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and probably Linux as well)

16-12-2020, 07:39 AM
Which version od Delphi do you have?
Latest few versions come with samples that make use of third-party Box2D physics engine. As far as I know Box2D is compatible with all platforms that Delphi supports (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and probably Linux as well)

i want 3D physics engine

16-12-2020, 08:07 PM
i want 3D physics engine

In that case you might want to check:

Newton Game Dynamics Engine headers for which you can find here: https://www.saschawillems.de/pages/newton/delphipascal-header/
Kraft Physics Engine that is entirely built using pascal language. You can find it on Github: https://github.com/BeRo1985/kraft

And if you are thinking about making a 3D game you might want to consider using Castle Game Engine instead of FMX.
Castle Game Engine is written in Object Pascal and uses the above mentioned Kraft Physics Engine. By using CGE you will also get much better graphical performance since its renderer is much more optimized than the one from FMX. Not to mention that it offers a lot of other game related features that you would have to implement by yourself for FMX.

17-12-2020, 01:31 PM
Yes, I have seen Castle Game Engine before and run it in Lazarus.
Unfortunately, I could not configure Lazarus 2.0.8 to build Android and iOS applications.
That's why I didn't use CGE, I even tried to change the CGE to Delphi, but the language structure is different.
For example, in Delphi, the property can only be used inside the class, but not in FPC, and so on.

09-01-2021, 04:36 AM
Keeping Delphi/pascal coding flag up since 90'

13-01-2021, 06:44 PM
Hello everyone! Glad to see you!

13-01-2021, 10:52 PM
Delphi the best!

01-02-2021, 07:24 PM
Hello there! I'm new if it wasn't previously obvious, i recently got back into pascal, and decided a text based RPG would be a good way to start. So far its relatively new, still scraping off some rust. I hadn't learnt more than unextended pascal, so discovering object-oriented pascal, lazarus IDE and all these new variations, was exciting to say the least. I intend to complete this CLI project, then move towards object oriented pascal and hopefully make a GUI adaption of it. When i found there was a community of pascal game developers, I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn, and to maybe share what I make in hopes of some constructive criticism :) I intend to be an active member, and am willing to help in any way i can. For anyone interested, the alpha 1.0 is on sourceforge, titled RDGN, will be updating it regularly :D

05-02-2021, 05:19 PM
hi everyone,
Just found this forum after looking for information about SDL2 and possible use of filter shaders (aka crt for example), I am sure I am going to learn a lot here, thanks

13-02-2021, 01:01 PM
Good to find a forum related to pascal. I'm writing software for a cards game - just for fun and without commercial interest but nevertheless with corona motivated ambition:)

I have a front-end server written in JavaScript and a backend-server written in Lazarus Pascal. Both need to send messages to each other. The data to be transferred are coded in JSON. I think Sockets could do the job. Does anybody has experience in such a scenario or could give me a hint how to achieve this. Would be very much appreciated!

03-03-2021, 04:18 PM
Hello everyone, glad to join your community.

05-03-2021, 08:57 AM

LTR (Long time lurker), but finally had to register. I am looking for ways to efficiently create SmartTV applications using Pascal. I have previous experience building them with C++, but wanted to try something different.

19-03-2021, 05:48 PM
Welcome, new members :)

24-05-2021, 04:14 PM
Hello everyone,
Looking for some information on HGE,
GoodLuck For Your.

Ñuño Martínez
04-06-2021, 10:10 AM
Hi Thisal.

I've look for HGE and it only shows a disturbing disease. What is it?

24-06-2021, 11:34 AM
this? HGE - Haaf's Game Engine - Hardware accelerated 2D games engine by kvakvs (https://kvakvs.github.io/hge/)

Ñuño Martínez
29-06-2021, 07:37 AM
I see. Thanks. :)

Not much information here since it is a C++ engine. ::)

02-08-2021, 10:40 PM
I want to learn to become a game developer. Hope you can help me out

11-10-2021, 08:02 AM
Hi, I've just learned Pascal and would love to learn some OpenGL too, and i'm glad that i've found this community.

Ñuño Martínez
29-10-2021, 10:07 AM
Welcome to the new people.

22-11-2021, 02:51 PM
Hi! Several years ago I already registered under the nickname "rts111", but now I can’t remember the password, and my old mailbox is not working. Here, I made a new account.I am making an MMORTS game and development tools in Pascal.

24-11-2021, 10:07 PM
Just here for the food :)

10-12-2021, 02:29 AM
Hi everyone! Trying to get into FPC game development

Ñuño Martínez
28-12-2021, 08:53 PM
Hello new people.

Don't hesitate and make your questions and announcements. We're eager to see what you can do!

09-01-2022, 10:57 PM
Welcome to all the new members :)

20-01-2022, 02:40 AM
I am using fpc lazarus in linux environment to build a game to my grand children. And I need to dive deeper into maths. Before my retirement I worked a lot with Oracle PL/SQL which has some similarities with pascal. And also a great deal of javascript. But coding a game is another universe! I look förward to take part of your experiance!